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The King of Streets – Buy Low, Sell High – Survive!

Common sense and savvy negotiating skills are required to come out on top in The King of Streets, an iPhone game (by MNML APPS), where you buy and sell items daily to pay off your debts throughout the 8 levels of gameplay. This game is loosely based on a 1980’s classic arcade game called “Drug Wars,” but in this game you are buying and selling property. Your objective is to make as much money as you can within 30 days; however, there are a number of obstacles in your way, namely the police. You start each of the 8 levels with a certain amount of cash and debt, and as one would guess, the levels get increasingly more difficult taking you from the streets of New York (level 1) to Mosco, Hong Kong, as well as various other destinations.

There are 10 different categories to buy and sell goods, ranging from higher-priced paintings to lower-priced watches, with many other items in between. Your ultimate goal is to become the best salesman possible by buying goods at low prices and selling goods at higher prices. You will quickly find out however, that you are going to run into the cops in the “Hardass Game,” and yes, it is hard. This is a mini-game that is laced in between the buying and selling activities that you won’t  be able to avoid. This mini-game  requires you to be super fast and tap on the cop the second you see him on the game board, which you will find similar to a mole smashing type game. If you are successful, no worries, if not, you’ll find yourself in jail and to get out of jail you’ll have to pay a steep price — adding to your debt.

The King of Streets  iPhone Game ReviewThe King of Streets  iPhone Game Review

Another big component to the game is being able to pay your debt off, which you cannot do until your cash is larger than your debt. You do this by tapping on the dollar sign in the game, when you tap this, you not only pay your debt off here, but you can rob a bank, which gives you some pretty good pay outs if successful. However, the flip side to robbing banks is getting caught (of course), and in this case it happens, and when it does, it costs you to get out of jail —  a bad deal adding to your debt, again. Once your debt piles up, you start to accrue interest at a rate that makes it almost impossible to payoff. The King of Streets is a turn-based game, again, that lasts for 30 days with the objective to successfully pay off your debt to move on — just watch out for the cops and use common sense; you should become The King of Streets in no time. There is also a FREE version called The King of Streets Lite, that you can test out before buying the full version. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

The King of Streets iPhone App Details

Title: The King of Streets
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 221.5 MB
Developer: MNML APPS
Store: iTunes App Store

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The King of Streets - MNML APPS

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The King of Streets iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
The King of Streets, Buy low, Sell High!…
The classic arcade “trading” game is back in a new cool edition!!!

This game is based loosely on “Drug Wars”,a game written by John E. Dell back in the 1980’s.

«Drugwars is a turn-based strategy game in which the player assumes the role of a drug dealer. The object of the game is to deal the most drugs to pay off the “loan shark” (who charges interest) by the end of the game and make a profit. Drugwars was originally an MS-DOS program created by John E. Dell in 1984.» (Wikipedia)

The basic strategy of the game is to buy at low price, and to sell for a higher price.

The purpose and strategy of the game are the same, but in this game you’re a salesman, engaged in the sale of its funny products! The «King of the Streets» is characterized by the presence of levels: Each level is represented by a city in which you must reach a certain amount of money or pay debts within a few days. Moreover you can buy or sell only the maximum quantity of products. Selling or buying products takes one day.

At the beginning of the game, the player doesn’t have much money and must deal with the cheapest products such as vases and watches because that is all the player can afford. Afterwards, the player can buy the more expensive products with a high profit margin such as paintings and carpets.

As in the original game, the player may run into the police and play a match of “The H. Game,” a “Whack a mole” style game, during which you can win or lose money.

– 8 cool levels
– Addictive gameplay
– Retina display graphics
and much more…

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