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The Movie searchOmeter – FREE, GoTo Movie iOS App

Get the lowdown on all the movies you plan on seeing with The Movie searchOmeter iPhone app, an easy-to-use Entertainment app that includes important movie information like cast members, director, movie trailers, reviews, public ratings, plus much more. You may have known this app by its former name Rotten Search, but now it’s rebranded as The Movie searchOmeter, and this app has received significant upgrades that will make you want this FREE entertainment movie app for sure.

For starters, the user interface is one of the best and friendliest that I have come across for apps in this genre. The app is fast responding, shows your movie choices as a poster cover flow, and the app features (unexpected) awesome sounds that really make you feel like you have a more expensive application — not a FREE one. The core functionality of this app lets you search movies (upcoming, opening, in movie theaters now, etc.), as well as DVD’s (out now and coming releases, etc). You can also access Rotton Tomato critic review information, movie trailers, and viewer responses to each movie — again, all for FREE.

FREE iPhone app reviewsFREE iPhone app reviews

While the main portion of this app is FREE, if you desire further functionality, you’ll have to purchase the searchOextra which features personal lists such as favorite and want-to-see movies, iCloud sync, social sharing of your lists with your friends on your Facebook account, the option to Tweet about your lists to your followers, and you get more info about the talents from any Movie ID card, and more. The Movie searchOmeter iPhone app has been sent to my entertainment folder as my GoTo movie app, and if you want to get the searchOextra — now is the time since this in app purchase is on sale for the next 3 days so grab the extra functionality for only $0.99 while you can.

The Movie searchOmeterr iPhone App Details

Title: The Movie searchOmeter
Price: Free
Category: Entertainment
Size: 12.4 MB
Developer: KPL Production Services, Ltd.
Store: iTunes App Store

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