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The noisy book Games – Carefree and Whimsical Fun!

If you have any childlike playfulness in you, you’re going to really enjoy The noisy book Games (iPhone and iPad app), a whimsical sound-imitating game book with 4 fun, educational sound activities — wild imaginations and carefree attitudes are certainly welcomed here! The noisy book Games developed by Europa-Apps was able to transport me into the book itself and away from the app rat race I live in (while I was testing this application). Why? Most likely it was the unexpected sounds that I heard, that were made by professional adult actors, which were amusing, compelling, and engaged me in the simple fun provided by the playful sounds. There were nice clean animations to go along with the sounds, all of which can be found in the “Discover The Sounds” game. At this location, you can hear the sounds read to you either in English or French, with more languages coming in the summer. This section also allows both parents and kids to unleash their uninhibited creativity in the “Read to Me” section of this game where you read the sound name and then imitate the sound the way you think it should sound.

The noisy book Games iPad Game App ReviewsThe noisy book Games iPad Game App Reviews

There is a “Simon Says” type game called “1,2,3 Sounds,” that challenges you to remember and tap on as many sounds as you can in order to become the 1,2,3 Sounds noisy book Games’ Champion — Parents, you don’t stand a chance! Also, there is a card memory matching game complete with sounds that can be played at various difficulty levels. I saved the best game for last, called the “Noisy Rap.” This game provides 3 different rhythms and 36 different sounds to allow for your child’s (and your inner child) musical creativity to really come to life. The only thing missing in this game section is the ability to record your musical creation, which would make it even cooler. The noisy book Games is based on the international best-seller “The noisy book,” written by Soledad Bravi. Having never read the book, on which this app was based, I am intrigued to pick up a copy due to the fun and whimsical enjoyment that I got out of it. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

The noisy book Games iPad App Details

Title: The noisy book Games
Price: $3.99
Category: Games
Size: 41.5 MB
Developer: Europa-Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

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The noisy book Games - Europa-Apps

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The noisy book Games iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
—– EXCEPTIONAL —— Discover or rediscover The noisy book on iPad and iPhone! ****** “Sing, squawk, cluck and whisper as you find out what a versatile musical instrument the human voice can be. It is a great app for children and adults to share – the quality of the musical learning experience almost feels incidental to the fun!” iPad App Reviews

***** “The Noisy Book Games is a delightful, extremely well designed app in which you can actually create your own rap with sounds of clocks ticking, snakes hissing or wolves howling.” Publishing Perspectives

The noisy book Games is a free adaptation of the famous international best-seller The noisy book, written by **Soledad Bravi** and published by the publishers l’école des loisirs and Gecko Press. This app was created by EUROPA-APPS and co-published with l’école des loisirs, to entertain children between 2 and 5 years old… and a little bit more (and also for their parents of course!).

Children love the pictures of The noisy book: animals, common objects, toys, and more… and they love to imitate, sing, shout or whisper its many sounds. EUROPA-APPS imagined 4 educational games based on the book, to make children laugh and learn at the same time:

– Discover the sounds: Whether “daddy reads” or the child imitates the “funny noises”, everybody is sure to have a good laugh! Don’t miss the animated pictures!

– 1, 2, 3 sounds: Challenge other family members in a championship of this addictive game! The goal is to remember series of sounds, and touch the pictures that make the sounds in the right order. Your child will soon beat you at this game!

– Memory game: With three difficulty levels, randomized pictures, and the sounds of the book, this game adds a noisy touch to the classic memory game.

– Noisy rap: Watch (and hear) your child develop their creativity and their rhythm skills with this very special musical instrument: with a range of 36 sounds, and 3 different rhythms, they will be able to express their musical inspiration!

* Listen to the sounds of the noisy book, recorded by professional actors.
* Super simple interface, designed for kids aged 2 and up.
* Switch between English and French: try to find the differences, and get your child used to hearing other languages. New languages will soon be available through updates!
* Look at the animated pictures that accompany the sounds.

This app is part of the My kid and me collection of EUROPA-APPS.

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Game “1, 2, 3 Sounds” is getting more interactive (Visual and audio feedbacks)

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