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The Ping App, Simple Binary Messenger App

Ping App is a minimalistic form of binary communication through 1 simple tap or “Ping” to another user. The Ping App’s binary messaging replaces the numerous taps, touches, swipes or typing required to send a text message, email or call someone when a simple blip or “Ping” message will do. This app is free and features integration with your contacts, push notifications for all pings, and 1 touch messages (called pings) once this app is opened! If you’re looking for a really simple form of communication with other iPhone users, this app is perfect for you.

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Each iPhone user has to have the Ping App installed before they can start “pinging” one another. This Social Networking app automatically searches your contacts for other Ping users once you open the contacts section of the app. Other users who have this application can also ping you at anytime, and they will automatically be added as a contact in this app. A commonsense, everyday use for this application is to ping someone when you get to where you are going (or vice versa) to let him or her know that you arrived safely. You could use this app to have your kids ping you to let you know they made it home from school or got to practice, etc. There are unlimited ways to use the Ping App, just use your imagination. But remember, the more pings you get from someone means the more urgent they are to hear from you (by a ping). The less pings, the less important it is to ping that person back.



The Ping App is another digital form of communication that reduces the thought, focus and energy it takes to create a text message, email, or to call someone. To ping someone: you simply open the app, tap on the other person, ping, and your communication is done! This Ping App is another evolution of digital communication that creates a quick, creative and minimalist approach to communicating with others!

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