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The Regular Show – Unhinged on the iPad!

The Regular Show (by The Cartoon Network) is a crazy cartoon that is awesome silly stupid humor perfect for anyone looking for a mindless escape! The Regular Show – Nightmare-athon iOS universal game brings the Regular Shows main characters into an app and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. I had never heard of the Regular Show until playing this game, and once I played, I had to check out the show behind it, which I must say is super funny. The cast of characters alone: MORDECAI – a reliable, yet funny blue jay; RIGBY – an out of control raccoon; and SKIPS – (think he is an albino ape) he is wise and as you can see, they are quite a colorful group. This color shines through in the iPad and iPhone game where the 3 characters are tasked with saving the audience from a zombie invasion. Mordecai is in charge and is the main character who throws a variety of used sports equipment at the voracious approaching zombies. Rigby is Mordecai’s henchmen (is used as is available) when he is powered up you control Rigby’s movement with swipes while he uses weapons like javalins to beat and impale the zombies. Skips is good with the golf cart and runs over everything that is in his way; he is a power-up and can only be called on occasionally.



There are many voice-overs from the actual Regular Show characters, which makes this game entertaining along with all the zombie-killing activity. Regular Show – Nightmare-athon is a humorously fun game that features some freaky animals wielding used sports equipment to take out zombies — who thinks of this stuff? I am not sure but they are doing a good job!

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