The Rewop Crew…Funky, Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

Not sure what “The Rewop Crew” is, well neither was I until I did an iPad app demo for this application and played the game. The Rewop Crew is an iPad game where the object of the game is to guide 4 goofy, different colored “rewops” through puzzles while trying to beat the clock and collect P2 fuel. There is a twist, you can only shoot colored blocks to clear the path for fuel collection with a like colored rewops. This can get confusing, which is what makes the game a nice challenge. The rewops will spout silly comments and find little treasures along the way, but beware of landmines. There is a mini game to explore and the game levels are never the same as they are randomly generated. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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The Rewop Crew iPad App Details

Title: The Rewop Crew (iOS Universal)
Price: $0.99
Category: Game
Size: 16.1 MB
Developer: P2R Power Rev Racing
Store: iTunes App Store

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The Rewop Crew - P2R Power Rev Racing LLC

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The Rewop Crew iPad App Developers Description

The Rewop Crew is a group of four goofy aliens who have just finished a expletory mission through the Ver Ginar galaxy. On their way back to their home planet they noticed they were low on P2 fuel. When checking the fuel storage, they noticed that it was full of Burritos. Bob who is the groups Engineer accidentally packed his food supply in the fuel storage. So they were forced into an emergency landing. Now this group of four aliens must now stop off at each planet on their way home to collect enough fuel to make it back. It is now up to you to help guide your Four Rewop friends through 5 Planets avoiding land mines, and destroying obstacles on these foreign planets.

In The Rewop Crew you control the group of 4 Rewop’s. each Rewop can only destroy obstacles of their same color. The levels are randomly generated, giving the player new challenges every time they play. You must collect all fuel on the planet before returning to the ship. You will also collect special items that are unique to each Rewop. So be sure to read the character bios, to see which items each Rewop likes most.

Game Features:
Stunning graphics
Nice Music and lots of Rewop Funny Phrases
Control all four Rewop’s at once
5 different worlds
Get The Prize mini game
Randomly Generated Levels
High Scores

What’s new

iPad 2 Support
Smoother Controls
How To Play Screen

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