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The Sniper & Killer 3D Android Game Kills You With Ads! (Video)

Sniper & Killer 3D requires you to snip, fire bomb, and shoot your way through 3 unique environments in this mediocre sniper shooter game that is jam packed with ads.

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I have long been a fan of sniper games. But Sniper & Killer 3D has some needed improvements before we would actually recommend this game. The gameplay is pretty good, but in between levels when entering the game (etc.) you are pounded with ads. The bad thing is that the ads are all different and some cause significant delays. This is enough to make some ditch the app.

But, if you can get past the ads, underneath is a fairly challenging sniper game. You have a sniper rifle, handgun, and fire bombs that give this sniper game a bit of killing depth. Your goal: take out wave after wave of bad guys using the weapons at hand. Playing on the Galaxy Nexus I found the graphics to be a bit blurry, which made it hard to see some of the enemies. But this makes the game that much more challenging!

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There are better Android sniper games to play such as Contract Killer: Zombies, CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES (NR), and many more. Until Sniper & Killer 3D cuts some of the ads down, this Android game is probably not worth your time to download.

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Sniper & Killer 3D Android App ReviewAndroid App Review for Sniper & Killer 3D


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