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Watchers of “The Soup” on the Entertainment (E) network will absolutely love the same name FREE Android app, recently updated (12/30/11). Being a rather huge Soup fan myself, I decided to check this app out on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I was quite happy with the results. The same half-hour Soup comedy show is packed into this Android entertainment app in the Latest tab, but there is much more in the Clips and Hall of Fame tabs. In fact, there is more video clip content in this app than you could watch in a normal sitting, which is great for those people who just can’t get enough. During my testing of the app it performed well, but it is server driven so you will need connectivity to access all content in the app, and it loaded a bit slow initially. However, once loaded, the clips played quite fast without interruption (this depends on your connectivity) and were packed with loads of sarcastic Joel McHale humor — which by the way, makes up for slightly slow load time.

The Soup FREE Android Entertainment App ReviewThe Soup FREE Android Entertainment App Review

If you are not a “Soup” fan yet but you enjoy sarcastic comedy, then you will love this app. The Soup for Android is a great download that provides for a little levity in a much too serious world. Check out our other Android app reviews for more Android apps. Crazy Mike

The Soup FREE Android App Details

Title: The Soup
Price: FREE
Category: Entertaiment
Size: 7.4 MB
Developer: Comcast Entertainment Group
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

The Soup FREE Android App Download Link

The Soup Android Market

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The Soup FREE Android App Developers Description

Totally unbelievable moments in pop culture, celebrity news, and reality TV.
Every day Joel McHale and The Soup crew overload their TiVos with the strange, obscure, and totally unbelievable moments in pop culture, celebrity news, and reality TV. Then they take a nap. But right after that they add a heaping helping of humor and serve up everything you need to know about the entertainment world.

· Access to exclusive digital content not seen in the show
· New show clips to keep up you to date on all things Joel and The Soup
· The “Hall of Fame” lets you relive the funniest moments from The Soup any time, featuring classic clips not available anywhere else like Spaghetti Cat and Stains the Dog.
· Funny videos, photos and tweets from around the web…also known as doing our part to help kill American productivity one post at a time.

So grab a heaping serving of The Soup app to make sure you’re not missing the funniest takes on reality TV dramas, “Oh-no-they-didn’t” talk show outbursts, and celebrity outrageousness.

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