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Being a product of the 1960’s I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin amongst other rock bands and rock legends. Led Zeppelin was one of my top 3 bands, which I listened to almost daily. Whether it was Dyer Maker or Stairway to Heaven I grooved on all Zeppelin songs as much as possible. As time has gone by over the years I have listened to less and less Led Zeppelin. Not that I have changed my likes, just down right business. Thankfully, the “This Day in Led Zeppelin” iPhone app has reignited my love for Led Zeppelin music.

iphone app reviewiphone app review

Anyone remotely familiar with Led Zeppelin and you know who you are will love this iPhone app. There are several categories or tabs to select from, the first being Zeppelin on This Day. This tab provides you with all events on whatever day it is when you log into the app. I never realized how busy those guys were in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. You can scroll backwards and forwards to other days as you desire while in this tab. The other cool feature this app provides is Led Zeppelin trivia by means of separate questions as well as quiz, both having separate tabs. My favorite part of the app is the Zeppelin Song Notes, which features each Zeppelin album, complete with back story and lyrics. You can actually listen to each song if you already own them or you can purchase songs from within this setting. There are extras available from the Zeppelin Extras tab such as wall papers, links to band member websites and more. The “This Day in Led Zeppelin” iPhone app is worth the $2.99 for hardcore rockers like me, but a lower price point would probably get the younger crowd to buy this app. Nonetheless, great rock app featuring great rock stars. CM

iphone app reviewiphone app review

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Title: This Day in Led Zeppelin
Cost: $2.99
Category: Music
Developer: This Day In Music Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

This Day In Led Zeppelin - This Day In Music Apps

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