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The Weather Channel for iPad App Review

The Weather Channel for iPad is an exceptional, free Weather app that is packed with many rich features, including international weather information. Since the iPad doesn’t come with a native Weather app, you’re gonna have to find one in the iTunes App Store if you want one. But before you go out and pay for a Weather application, you will want to give The Weather Channel for iPad a try. Not just because (The Weather Channel’s website) is one of the top weather website destinations, but because this app works really well and provides great weather information.

App Features

For starters, you can save up to 10 different locations around the world for up-to-the-minute weather information for those areas. Each location can be accessed a couple of different ways and provides a great deal of information for each area. The main navigation determines what weather information you see for your selected areas. The main navigation tabs are: Weather, Radar, News, Video, and Health. The primary source of up-to-the-minute weather information will be found in the Weather tab. Here you can see the 10 day forecast for any of your locations as well as current weather information.

There are 2 different views for the Weather tab. The main view shows you a 10 day forecast with awesome graphics indicating rain, sun, clouds, or snow for each day. You will also get the high and low temperatures, chance of precipitation and a temperature graph below the 10 day forecast. To access each day’s detailed forecast, simply tap on that day and you will get an expanded view that includes additional information as well as the forecasted wind speeds.

The second view for the Weather tab is accessed by tapping anywhere above the 10 day forecast when on the Weather tab. This view shows you a beautiful picture reflective of the time of day and current weather conditions for your selected location. There is also additional current weather details like humidity, visibility, sunrise, sunset, wind speed and “feels like” temperature. A very cool feature, when you are in the second view mode, is that you can swipe from side to side to access all locations and see current weather conditions for those locations.

Free Weather App For iPad Review

The Radar tab is probably one of the most used tabs because everyone wants to see what the weather looks like where they are. This is easily done for each location and there are 9 different radar layers to view, and an action button to see each radar in action. The layers included are: radar, future radar, clouds, radar and clouds, temperature, feels like, UV index, 24 hour rain, and 24 hour snow. The News and Video tabs provide just that, timely weather news and weather related videos. Even though you can get international weather information in this app, you will only find US weather news and videos in this free Weather app. There is an additional Travel feature represented by a suitcase on the bottom navigation bar. This weather feature allows you to search any location you may be traveling to and get a quick 7 day outlook for temperatures and precipitation.

Severe Weather Alerts

The Weather Channel for iPad app does a great job of notifying you of severe weather alerts. Alerts are available for all locations as colored bars (yellow, orange, or red) at the top of either viewing mode when on the Weather tab. You can also set 1 of your 10 locations for severe weather alert notifications as well as pollen alerts. If you live in an area where severe weather occurs, a simple push notification could actually save your life.

How To Use This App

The Weather Channel for iPad is super easy to use in both portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) modes. The first thing you will want to do is setup your locations to track the weather. You can easily do this using the search symbol on the bottom left of the navigation bar. You can search by zip code (US) and city name. I quickly set up 10 locations in less than 5 minutes. I also designated my current city as my home location and toggled on the pollen and severe weather alert push notifications. Again, you can only have 1 of your 10 locations as your Home location and only 1 location is capable of receiving severe weather push notifications. The Weather Channel app is pretty easy to use for the iPad. If you have any issues, tap on the cog on the bottom left to access the settings, which has both a help page and FAQ page.

iPad Weather App Review

Overall Experience

The Weather Channel for iPad is a very good Weather app. The weather information is updated, it appears every 5 minutes, which is pretty close to real-time. I found the weather data to be accurate compared to other weather sources and the app is free. Getting around in the app was simple, the videos loaded quickly, and the help and FAQs were helpful. I have used both paid and free weather apps in the past that do not include international weather information. Now, this is not the biggest issue for most of us since most of us are not world travelers. But, I do business with people overseas and have relatives overseas, so being able to see their weather conditions in those areas is kind of cool. Another nice touch to the Weather Channel app is that it appears to have been designed with a similar appearance as the website, which makes the app more familiar to me when using it since I also frequent the Weather Channel website.

Bottom line, if you do not have an iOS Weather app for your iPad yet, you should try out the Weather Channel for iPad. Why not? After all, it’s free!

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