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The Witch With No Name HD – Entertaining Kids Book App!

The Witch With No Name HD (by Slim Cricket) is an entertaining and highly-interactive 3D iPad Books app for kids. Not only does this kids’ app have a funny story but it also includes several games to engage readers as they become involved in the process of helping the witch (with no name) discover her name.

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Kids will discover what the witch’s name is through a fun journey that holds many perilous situations. As far as iPad and iPhone storybooks go, The Witch With No Name HD is probably one of the most entertaining kids’ books that I’ve come across so far. The reason for this is the excellent production of this iPad app. This iOS book application takes full advantage of the iPad and iPhone technology (camera, microphone, compass and gyroscope), provides an uplifting and positive message, and provides lots of interactive games. There’s even a fart game that I actually found very amusing.

The story revolves around a cranky witch, who is cranky because she does not know her own name, which is pretty sad when you think about it. But, there is hope for this witch who really does have a soft spot as you will discover. Batina, the Witch’s trusty bat friend (who is also a moral rudder for the witch) helps her search for ingredients. The ingredients are for the magic potion that will help the Witch figure out her name.


One of the coolest parts about this book is that as a reader, you are enlisted to help solve a variety of puzzles and games. Puzzles and games like a jigsaw puzzle, a compass game, an activity where you will have to put a giant to sleep before plucking his huge nose hair, catch fireflies, and more. During the story you will find a secret that will help you discover the Witch’s name, but I cannot tell because I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I already figured it out and if I tell you, the Witch will turn me into a Froglodite (whatever that is).

There is plenty of fun in this kids’ book app, that can either be read alone or by listening to the professional narration and excellent voice over for the witch and Batina characters. When reading alone, readers will have to understand that the mouths of the Witch and Batina still move, and this is a great opportunity for readers to play and pretend by trying out different sounding voices for these parts. When reading by yourself, you will prompt the text by tapping on the white down arrow. Another nice touch and bonus to this iPad and iPhone Books app is that it can be read in both English and French, allowing for a nice multi-language learning and reading experience.


If you are interested, there is a special surprise at the end of this book that you can find by unlocking 4 window panes in one of the windows in the Witch’s house, just tap on the Surprise button and the locked window panes to find out how to do this (and get your surprise). In addition, there are 3 difficulty modes for the 7 games in this book, which make it great for young kids to older kids, and parents as well.

I found this kids’ book application to be quite awesome. The graphics, story, and interactions are perfectly melded together to create a wonderful children’s storybook experience. The games are fun, not too difficult, and the narration is really well done. The games can be replayed over and over, providing extra value to this iOS storybook that can be enjoyed and read again and again. The Witch With No Name HD is a fantastic book that can be enjoyed by the whole family and definitely a great book for the Halloween season.

Be sure to watch the The Witch With No Name iPad App Video Review for a complete look at how this iPad and iPhone kid’s book app works.

The Witch With No Name HD iPad App Details

Title: The Witch With No Name HD
Price: $3.99
Size: 70.8 MB
Category: Books
Developer: SlimCricket
Store: iTunes App Store

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