The Woods Game – Scary First Person Action Adventure

A spine-tingling first person storyline unfolds in The Woods, an iOS action adventure horror game for the iPhone and iPad. As you play The Woods game, you’re a paranormal investigator on a daunting hunt to uncovering the dark mystery of the woods and the things that lurk there. Armed with a flash light and your wits and skill, you must investigate your wooded surroundings and accomplish the given objectives, while also avoiding the things that go bump in the night.

The Woods Game iPhone Games App News

The Woods, by 3Cubes Research, features a chilling plot that plays out from a first person perspective, quality graphics, ominous sounds and haunting animations that may keep you on the edge of your seat the first time around. This action adventure horror game also features a built-in reaction camera to capture your frightened responses as you play. So, if you like games that have the potential to give you goosebumps, this iOS action adventure horror game might just be the app you’re looking for.

The Woods Game for iPhone

The Woods Game App Features

A Psychological First Person Action Adventure Horror Game Set Deep Within an Ancient Woods

  • Elegantly designed game changing first person control system.
  • 3D and free roaming
  • Over 20 Pages to collect thought out the wood in various locations
  • Large free roaming Wood.
  • Pixel Lighting on all surfaces even on slower devices.
  • Live Reaction Camera (not available on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G)
  • Reaction camera built in to see those jump scare moments utilizing a “Picture in Picture” webcam image (external software required for recording).
  • Retina support.
  • Anti Aliasing.
  • iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and iPad mini support.

What’s New:

  • Full Joystick controls (backwards and sideways)
  • More responsive movement
  • Smaller download and install size
  • Walking and page collection sound volume change
  • Some new page locations
  • Bug fixes including getting stuck next to the window

* Nominated for PocketGamers Game of the Week *

Developer’s App Description

The Woods is a psychological first person action adventure horror game set deep within an ancient wood (3D and free roaming). You play a paranormal investigator tasked to uncover the mystery of the woods and lay to rest any spirits within. While avoiding contact with a sinister demon you must collect pages to a ritual book which can be used to send the spirits back to hell for good. The tension builds slowly but soon you will be running for your life, your only defence is your flashlight that can burn away spirits momentarily. The Woods is highly atmospheric and will have you terrified to look over your shoulder throughout. There’s even a reaction camera built in to see those jump scare moments utilising a “Picture in Picture” webcam image (external software required for recording).

The Woods has even been optimised for older devices allowing for a smooth playable experience on both iPod touch 4G and iPhone 4 even with per-pixel torch lighting. When using newer devices The Woods is simply stunning displaying thick vegetation thought out. Additional Anti-Aliasing has even been added to non retina displays (iPad 2 and iPad mini) compensating for the loss of resolution.

A beautifully smooth and responsive first person control system has been specifically developed to elegantly control both player and flashlight giving a very natural feel to movement when peering into the dark dense wood.

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The Woods Game



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