There’s A Storm Coming: Hurricane App For The iPhone

There are plenty of hurricane apps out there that focus on weather. But there are very few good hurricane tracking apps. Hurricane Pro created by kitty code, llc. is just such a hurricane app.

Hurricane App-hurricane-pro Hurricane App-hurricane-pro


Hurricane Pro has a simple user interface that allows you to easily search through all of the storms in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A simple click of the tropical system name will pull up an up to date tracking map, satellite, forecast, radar, and bulletin for each storm. If you are a Hurricane freak like me you will enjoy the archived interactive tracking maps for each previous Hurricane season from 1851 up until present.

hurricane-app-hurricane-pro hurricane-pro-app-for-iphone


Animated maps of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans run smoothly on the 3G network. Maps of the system come directly from NOAA. For those who want to track the always changing developments in the tropics this hurricane app is for you.

Download The Hurricane Pro, Hurricane App Now

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