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iPad Recipe App – Cook Thai Food in No Time!

This new iPad recipe app will pique your interest if you’re one of those wanting to try Thai food for the first time or you love Thai food and want to know how to prepare it at home. Thai Cooking – Video Cookbook (by Selectsoft) has 10 different classic and modern Thai recipes that are good for everyday or special occasions. These Thai dishes are demonstrated through simple video demonstrations, have text for reading, helpful tips and techniques, and a mini quiz to test your Thai food knowledge.

The recipes in this Food & Drink app look surprisingly easy to make with recipes for dishes like Thai Spicey Salad with Shrimp, Grilled Beef, Green Curry Chicken, Tom Yum Kung Soup, Coconut Custard and more. This iPad recipe app is segmented into “chapters” that play out like casual cooking class segments guiding you through a variety of salads, soups, main dishes, and a couple of desserts. The majority of these recipes have different meat types in them (shrimp, chicken, beef, and squid).



So if you’re looking for some dishes that are healthy, have low calories, or prefer to indulge in something that’s a little more rich and spicy, you should be able to find something in this iPad recipe app to suit your taste. Each dish serves 4 (wish it were more) and is presented in a video/text split screen fashion. The video on the upper half and the lower half contains all the text information. The text portion has a short paragraph with a little background information on the dish, an Ingredient list, Method, Tips, where to purchase the ingredients (Asian Market Purchases and Store Purchases), and a Utensils lists.

Even though the cooking instructor, Jeannie Baxter, does a great job demonstrating and explaining things in the cooking lesson, you’ll want to make sure you also read the text because she also provides plenty of additional tidbits that you may find helpful. This iPad recipe app has great tips and insider information from someone who is obviously familiar with Thai cooking — definitely good for the novice. Thai Cooking – Video Cookbook has a very clean user interface that is organized and easy to follow. You can also easily move from one lesson to the next with a swipe to the right or left.



However, I didn’t like that I couldn’t stop and rewind a video back if I missed something. You have to replay the whole video again, but the videos aren’t very long. Also, when a video segment is completed it automatically starts playing again, which can get a little annoying (but not a big deal). If you want to stop a video, just tap at anytime to pause a video and it will resume again where you left off. The presentation style feels like a casual cooking class demonstration. The lessons are informative — it’s kind of like paying for a cooking/lecture class without the high price.

Speaking of class, I actually like the mini quiz, which has 20 questions to test what you’ve learned. The quiz is mostly on the cooking ingredients. You can retake the quiz as many times as you want for a perfect score. Since exploring this app I’ve learned that galangal is the name of Thai ginger, coconut milk is a foundational ingredient in Thai cooking and that most dishes are served with coconut rice.

Although I felt like I could “wing it” making these Thai dishes right now with the cooking utensils I have (she does offer practical alternatives if you don’t have some items), I know it would be a good idea to invest in a few specialty utensils like a wok, bamboo steamer and juicer if I want to cook Thai food on a regular basis. Frankly, I’m envious of the cooking instructor’s nice brass wok. Overall, this iPad recipe app has some interesting and easy-to-make Thai recipes that are worth trying out.

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