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Thumb – Post It, Ask It, Rate It, Get Instant Feedback!

The Thumb (Free) iPhone Social Networking app lets you get a second opinion in a matter of seconds, lets you provide your own opinion, as well as start conversations with real people — real fast — from posts or images you provide. There are hundreds of social networks out there, some like Facebook and Twitter that are now deeply ingrained into many people’s lifestyles. Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be another competitive social network out there, along comes the Thumb iPhone app that provides a new type of social engagement.

This free iPhone app lets you post an image either from the web through a Google search, your camera roll, or from a fresh pic you take with your camera. You can then ask a question, target who you want to send it to and wait for the responses to come in. The responses come in two ways: voting (thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral votes) and comments. Since people like to get stuff, you can provide the people commenting a star for their comment if you like it. Now, giving is as good as receiving, right? You can also vote on other people’s posts (images) and answer their questions, some of which are truly valid questions, like “Should I get an iPhone,” “Where is the best hotel in Orlando,” and so on. The categories or filters are extensive, so when either asking or voting you can select your target audience for both. When posting you can even target male or female and send posts to friend only if desired. You can sign up for Thumb for free either using your Facebook profile or creating one with an email for free, but you must be over the age of 13.

Currently, according to analytics people using the Thumb app (which is also available on the Android) are spending hours monthly doing so. I posted several questions and within seconds I began to receive responses. All is based on an image and your question. My suggestion is that you ensure you submit only decent to high-quality images for people to rate, categorize it correctly and ask a good relevant question and you will be amazed at the amount of responses. I put up a question as follows: “Would you buy a smaller iPad for a smaller price?” The question got around 70 responses in 20 minutes with 18 people leaving comments, that is powerful information for anyone trying to get feedback. One word of caution: I became highly addicted to this app in minutes and found myself using it for several hours. You can engage with others and have real-time conversations with complete strangers, but in my case my conversations were very authentic and stayed on topic. Thumb may be the next big social network because it is like a reality TV show app (in a sense), but one where you can actually provide input into other people’s lives — kind of freaky, huh? Find out more about the Thumb iPhone Social Networking app by watching the Thumb iPhone video app demo below. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Thumb iPhone App Details

Title: Thumb
Price: Free
Category: Social Networking
Size: 7.6 MB
Developer: Thumb, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Thumb iPhone App Download Link

Thumb - Thumb, Inc.

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Thumb iPhone Developers App Description

iOS iPhone

Decisiveness is overrated.

In seconds, Thumb brings you fast, fun opinions from other folks just like you.

In a few more seconds, you can give back to the Thumb community with your own insight.

*Finally* all the big questions – Should I get this haircut? Are these kicks worth $100? Does this look gangrenous to you? – answered right now, in the palm of your hand, and by a helpful community.

Ask questions, get and give opinions, start a conversation…instantly.

The Joy of Thumb:
– Get tons of responses instantly from the Thumb community
– Feel good helping others by adding your own helpful opinions
– Easily communicate one-on-one with people that share your opinions
– Save stuff that you’re passionate about to create a visual montage of opinions

The Press (on The Joy of Thumb):
– “Thumb is so hot, it’s twice as addictive as Pinterest” – VentureBeat
– “Thumb’s average usage is currently 2nd only to Facebook’s” – TechCrunch
– “Angry Birds-like addictive” – Portfolio
– “Highly addictive” – Mashable
– “The immediacy is striking” – GigaOm
– “Dead simple” – The Next Web

Also, listed in CNN’s Top 50 Tech Tools

Other Thumbers (on The Joy of Thumb):
– “This app is like crack. I want more!!”
– “It’s like Facebook, but better; I can’t stop!!”
– “I love this app, It’s better than tumblr and instagram! Pure awesome!”
– “I’ve met so many great people and made so many new friends!”
– “More addictive than cocaine!!!”
– “It’s like crack. You have been warned.”
– “This is more addictive than smoking.”
– “No app has affected me like this one. I can’t put it down, seriously.”

* Registration is required and users must be 13 and over.

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