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Tie Your Shoes! – Kids Learn How With Cleetus the Clown

TIE YOUR SHOES! (by,inc.) is an iPhone Education app that teaches an important life skill to young kids through step-by-step video clips narrated by Cleetus the Clown, and also includes a simple shoe racing game to make this task a little more fun. Although I can’t say that it was a really fun process teaching my own kids how to tie their shoes (over and over and again and again — lots of patience required), I loved it when we reached that pivotal and glorious “aha” moment and their little faces beamed with pride upon completing their monumental task for the first time — all by themselves.

Yes, my husband and I really loved being the ones to teach our kids how to tie their own shoes, but it’s kind of nice to have a helper to give us parents a small break now and then. The developer of TIE YOUR SHOES! has created a useful app to help the challenging process along. This iPhone application is divided into 4 parts: Home, Play Video, Step By Step, and Game. Home gives some helpful tips and information about what to expect in each part of the app, Play Video has two 1 minute full-length videos of Cleetus tying his big clown shoes — one with all white laces and the other with a black and white laces for easier visual differentiation. Step By Step includes a Manual mode that allows you or your child to progress the steps at your child’s pace of learning, and an Automatic mode which continues the shoe-tying process after certain time delays so that your child can leave his or her hands in the ready position poised for action, (each mode can be stopped and repeated as many times as needed). And the Game portion is a really simple shoe race against Cleetus’ clown shoe in 3 different game modes — Fast, Faster, Fastest.

iphone video app demoiphone video app demo

This type of application can be a very helpful aid for families. I also noticed when doing a quick app search for shoe-tying apps that there are only a handful of lace/shoe apps available and most are concentrated on creating a lot of fancy knots and other shoe-lacing techniques. And although these are cool, they’re not meant for young kids starting out. However, I did come across one other app that was simple and very cartoon-like. Personally, I like the more realistic human approach that this iPhone application offers.

That being said, I was a little disappointed to never actually see all of Cleetus the Clown, just Cleetus’ shoe and green-gloved hands — but it does keep you focused on the task at hand. Another nice aspect of this app is that the viewpoint is “top-down” (like you are Cleetus the Clown bending down to tie your shoe), making it easier for kids to follow along. I think kids will relate well to the human aspect and I like the developer’s simple and to-the-point approach, but I think this app would be even better with some fun and kid-friendly music playing in the background and/or a teaching method through a catchy rhyming song to really draw kids in and help keep the process fresh in their minds. Overall, Tie Your Shoes! is a good “how to” app to aid parents and help kids learn to tie their own shoes — and it may be a little more fun for everyone with Cleetus the Clown. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Mrs. Crazy Mike

Tie Your Shoes iPhone App Details

Title: Tie Your Shoes
Price: $0.99
Category: Education
Size: 53.7 MB
Developer:, inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Tie Your Shoes! -, inc.

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Tie Your Shoes iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

This app was designed to teach all children to tie their shoes, especially those children whose learning needs flourish with strong, graphic instruction reinforced by repetition.

From “Pick up the shoe laces” to the final “Congratulations” each step is its own video clip including verbal instructions to reinforce the images in the video.

Our “learning loop” approach let’s you easily repeat each step and conveniently start over when necessary. This creates a custom learning environment for your child focusing preciously on those steps that need the most attention.

Repetition is the key to mastery and this app let’s you use this powerful tool to your complete advantage. It’s the perfect way to learn.

If video clips of each step is an important feature, then we are “Best In Class”. That’s how we designed it

So get started and let Cleetus the Clown teach your child to tie their shoes.

The fun-filled journey begins with Cleetus tying his BIG clown shoes in a full length video.

When your child is ready, they can move to the step-by-step video section where each step is its own video clip. Cleetus will show your child each step as many times as necessary to teach your child at their own pace. With Cleetus there’s no rush, no fuss, no aggravation.

“The Race” is a competition against Cleetus to see who can get their sneaker to the finish line the fastest. Everyone’s a winner and your child has mastered an important life skill.

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