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Being a dad is tough enough, but being a dad for the first time is just downright scary. If you’re a new father or soon-to-be father, there’s a great iPhone and iPad app with helpful tips for new dads. This iOS app also comes with an in-depth manual to help guide you, as well as resources to help support you as a new father. The free25 Must Know, Time Saving, Stress Reducing Secrets for New Dads” app is a practical “how-to” guide full of “time tested, proven baby care tips, tricks, and secrets” covering the most commonly asked questions by new dads.

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The developer of this app, Inc., provides a list of 25 practical tips for new dads, along with a free 25 chapter ebook to help new dads successfully navigate the early days of parenthood. All this practical advice is written by 2 real-life fathers who have been through the new dad “trenches.” As a matter of fact, this iOS Universal Reference app is the companion app to the website.

According to the introduction in the PDF book portion of this app, the Fatherville website was started back in November 2000 with the goal of becoming an online resource for dads. By quickly looking over their website, I can see that it’s definitely dad centered. Along with all sorts of information and resources, there is also a dad forum.

The 25 Must Know, Time Saving, Stress Reducing Secrets for New Dads app may have a terribly long name, but there are quick and digestible bites of information, like the handy tips for new dads list. “The List of 25 Secrets” gives a quick overview of all 25 tips for new dads to see at a glance. They are presented in a numbered list format that leads to more in-depth information.

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This list has entries for things such as recruiting help, childproofing your home, interacting and bonding with your child, feeding, traveling with baby, effects on your marriage, and many more tips for new dads. One nice feature about the list format is that you can go directly from the list to a specific section of the book without hunting through individual pages. The list feature only takes you to the topic of interest.

But you always have the option to read all 25 chapters of this PDF document from beginning to end, as well as bookmark individual pages. Another feature in this iOS app is the option to setup reminders for each of the 25 tips/secrets. You can set specific dates and times, but I’m not sure if it makes sense for all 25 tips? You’ll have to decide.

What does make sense is being able to access the website from within this app. This website can be a great resource to not only new dads, but dads at all stages of raising children: New Dads, Stay At Home Dads, Dads of Faith, Special Needs Fathers, Financially Smart Dads, Fathers of Teens, Divorced Dads. The app itself is great, but having a website like this could be a great support and relief for new dads just learning the ropes of parenthood.

Another good app that may come in handy for new dads is the app. This company was also started by new dads.

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