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Seasons For Kids, Great Education App That Teaches Seasons Of The Year

iPad App Review for Tizzy Seasons HD

Tizzy Seasons HD is an iPhone and iPad app that does a fabulous job of teaching seasons for kids. This Kids Education app will delight 2-6 year olds with 20 fun learning games that encourage imaginative play and outdoor activities for all seasons of the year. Toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners will love playing these educational games that feature seasonal chores and fun recreational activities like building a snowman, raking leaves, catching butterflies, and making ice cream sundaes. There is even a nice variety of music to fit the unique moods of spring, summer, winter and fall.

App Details For Tizzy Seasons HD

Tizzy Seasons for Kids Learning Games iPad App Review
The Tizzy HD app is more than just fun activities that teach seasons for kids. Beyond encouraging imaginative play and outdoor exploration, these educational games focus on things like observation skills, the ability to spot similarities and differences, and logical thinking to figure out what to do in each learning game based on visual hints.

The majority of these learning activities involve tap-and-drag gameplay to successfully complete the expected task at hand. For example, to clean up the lawn your child will need to use the rake and start raking leaves into a bag. And to fly a kite, it requires some simple assembly first. There are 5 learning activities per season, with 20 overall for spring, summer, winter and fall. Kids also have a choice to play as either a boy or girl character. And, Tizzy Seasons HD does a good job of encouraging kids after activities are completed with a robust round of cheers and star rewards.

iPad App Review for Seasons for Kids App Tizzy Seasons HD

The Tizzy Seasons HD app has simple navigation, colorful but muted graphics, and music that is upbeat and catchy without being obnoxious. The home screen consists of a large image divided into 4 seasons and a huge center button featuring a boy and girl character to play as. Although these characters don’t make any sounds, kids will enjoy replaying all 4 seasons of the year with both characters. This Education app maybe simple in design, but there is definitely an “attention to detail” seen throughout.

But the best part of Tizzy HD is all the fun seasonal learning games that kids will discover while exploring in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall sections.

Learning Activities – Seasons For Kids

In the Winter area, kids will have a great time building their own snowman, creating a custom sled, and decorating the quaint country house with colored lights. There is a fun musical connect-the-dots game to reveal 3 winter themed images and an opportunity to dress their boy and girl characters in warm clothes before going out to play.

iPad Education App Review for Tizzy Seasons HD

And since springtime is a time of renewal, the Spring activities include feeding the birds, feeding the ducks, and planting and watering a vegetable garden. Other springtime activities include building and flying a kite, and fitting animal puzzle pieces into matching cloud shapes floating across the sky.

And the carefree activities of summer will have kids catching butterflies with a net, trimming bushes into topiary animals, and helping a frog family leap from lily pad to lily pad. And what summer would be complete without blowing bubbles or eating ice cream? Kids get to make their own yummy sundaes and eat them too.

iPad Educational Seasons for Kids App

Fall activities include harvesting activities like picking apples from the apple tree and putting the small, medium and large apples into their matching baskets. Kids also get to harvest vegetables from the garden and create a carved jack-o-lantern using sets of eyes, noses and mouths to customize their pumpkin. But the biggest surprise in this seasonal activity is flipping the light switch off to see your pumpkin glow! And of course, fall wouldn’t be complete without leaves. Aside from the leaf raking activity already mentioned, there is a leaf-themed jigsaw puzzle to complete.


Tizzy HD has done a great job of creating an iOS Education app that teaches seasons for kids 2-6 in a fun, educational, and entertaining format. Your kids will be encouraged to play, learn, and explore in this Education app. They may even seek real outdoor activities this spring, summer, winter and fall.

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Developer: Tizzy Labs, LLC
iOS Universal, Education app, Cost: $2.99, v 2.0
Tizzy Seasons HD
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 02/20/2014
Fun kids Education app that teaches toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners about the 4 seasons of the year.
4.5 / 5 stars

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