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TouchRabbit, Fun Free iPhone Game, Touch To Play Brain Trainer (Video)

There’s more to this free iPhone game than what first meets the eye. Initially, TouchRabbit appears to be a really simple touch-to-play iPhone game that starts out pretty easy. But before you know it, this free iPhone game kicks up the difficulty factor with more challenging gameplay that will quickly test your eye hand coordination, as well as your memory.

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Game Overview

TouchRabbit comes with several game modes, but they all have one thing in common. In this touch-to-play game you have a large customizable rabbit that you’ll need to tap on as required by the different rabbits seen in the various game modes. Your objective is to tap on its ears or nose in the right pattern sequence. For example, a regular game level features a large rabbit in the center of the screen, with rabbits flowing from left to right above your rabbit’s head. They are moving along on an imaginary conveyor belt destined for a hungry wolf’s net, and if they reach that net you lose a life (3 lives/hearts a game). To prevent losing a rabbit to the hungry wolf you need to tap the red dot on the rabbit’s ear or ears and possibly the nose.

TouchRabbit may seem simple, but if you are looking for a fun free iPhone game that’ll challenge your eye hand coordination and your memory, this Games app is a no brainer of a download.

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