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Tout Social Media App, Share Through Short Videos

Tout yourself to the world in 15 second videos that you capture on your Android or iPhone. I am not sure the world is ready for the Tout app or social media network.



First off, each Tout is 15 seconds long, so if you’re shy, this is a problem. Second, taking a video requires at least a few minutes of thought (unless you get it) and a few minutes to overcome your fear of someone watching your video. This Social Networking app is not the first social media video app nor community. There are places like Viddy, Klip Video, Qik, and others where you share short videos of yourself with that community as well as other social communities.

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However, Tout is a bit different than most social video sites by design. The Tout community seems to be based on celebrities, sports, news, music and other videos first, and then the user community-generated videos second. Let me explain. When I signed into Tout I was presented with people to follow. They were all celebrities or popular individuals in the social world. Each appeared as Authorized Twitter images with the little blue check in each user’s image, but I had to dig deeper to find regular people to follow.

Tout emphasizes following those in the “know” for whatever you’re interested in, whether it be tech, news, politics or whatever. You can track your favorite celebrity, news person, sports star and see their 15 second video Touts throughout the day. While this is a very cool concept, it’s not original. At this point, I’m not convinced that people are ready to commit to a social media video network.

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I say this because many of those listed in the Popular section have not posted a Tout in over a month. This app came out in 01/2012 and while the WWE community (World Wrestling Entertainment) has carved out a nice niche in this app, not many others seem to be jumping or staying on board.

I have always been a big believer and supporter of video and I have joined and have started to post Touts daily.

As for you, you must ask yourself, “to Tout or not to Tout?”

Tout is also available for the iPhone and can be downloaded below.

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