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Towers Rush – Intense iOS 3D Medieval Portal/Tower Defense Game!

Although there is a heaping serving of tower defense games available for iOS devices, Towers Rush manages to deliver a fresh medieval TD experience with killer 3D graphics, original sounds and music, hours of gameplay, and all for only $0.99.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tower Defense Games (TD), here’s a quick explanation of this game genre.

TD games typically have a “tower” or building that you are trying to protect from numerous waves of various types of attacking enemies. Towers Rush is a portal TD game, so instead of protecting a “tower” you are protecting a “portal.” The tower (or in this case portal) has a set amount of health and each enemy that reaches the portal deducts health. Once your portal’s health is gone, it’s game over.

To help you protect your tower/portal, you have various turrets to destroy the advancing enemies. Since the waves of enemies come down specific paths, you have control over where you place your turrets. Ultimately, it is your strategic skill that will either make you a winner through correct turret placement or send you back to the beginning of a battle to try again (if you don’t place your turrets correctly). So let’s dig a little deeper into the Towers Rush TD game to see what else this game brings to the table.

iPad App Review for Towers Rush Tower Defense Game

Towers Rush Game Overview

Currently, there are 3 large and rather challenging game maps (Kings Tomb, Death Fortress and Dark Cave). All maps have at least 3 entrances for enemies to spawn from, but there are numerous alternating paths that enemies can take to ultimately reach the portal. For example, while flying enemies may spawn from a glowing enemy spawn point, the pesky flying creatures may take a unique air path to your portal and the only notification you have of this path is when this occurs, which is sure to keep you on your toes.

Turrets can be placed anywhere a yellow box appears on the game board, once you tap on an available turret. And as with most TD games, turrets cost money – money which comes from killing enemies. Of course, each time you begin a game you have a limited amount of money for your original turret purchases and placement; this is typically critical to making it farther in a game board. Turrets can also be leveled up 5x increasing their shooting distance as well as damage. Sometimes it may behoove you to upgrade your turrets as opposed to purchasing many lower level turrets, but to each his own.

Currently, there are 6 different types of turrets to use in Towers Rush. You start with 4 (Hammer, Axes, Cannon, and Bolt). Two additional turrets become available once you advance to the remaining 2 game boards. I made it to the Death Fortress and was able to use a Freeze turret, which was quite helpful.

iPad App Review for Towers Rush

Be wise in your turret purchases because some work on ground enemies only and others only on flying enemies. For example, cannons don’t hit flying enemies, but bolts only hit flying enemies. Each game board has huge 9 waves to conquer but this is a bit of a misnomer because each wave 1-9 actually has multiple waves, including boss waves that seriously challenge your defenses.

The graphics by Wonder Gum are quite good and you can really see the uniqueness of the 40 different enemies by pinching out to zoom in. It is well worth the time to do so. You can also hear their specific grunts, groans, and so on as you play through the game. Lastly, there is original music for each game board adding even more interest to this expansive TD game.

iOS Universal Tower Defense Game App Review

Towers Rush Gameplay

Towers Rush is a simple TD game to figure out how to play, but more challenging when figuring out how to defend your portals, especially as you unlock each next game board. You start with a small amount of money to begin each new game, allowing you to purchase 3 or 4 turrets or to purchase a few and upgrade them, depending on your strategy style. Once you have your initial turrets in place just tap “Start” and prepare for massive numbers of enemies coming from potentially 3 different directions. While the first few waves may seem tame, this game quickly picks up in difficulty, especially when you have both ground and flying bosses coming at you quite early in the wave gameplay.

You must account for protecting 3 paths of enemy travel, so use your noodle to do this carefully. Also, you may want to heavily fortify the area near your portal since all enemy paths lead to your portal. You will also find yourself racking up money when large waves of enemies come at you. When this occurs, quickly upgrade your turrets and build new ones as fast as you can, but again, build a nice mix of ground and air shooting turrets to beat this game.

iPad Game Review for Medieval Tower Defense Game


Towers Rush is a challenging-to-play TD game with an old world medieval theme, expansive cadre of well thought out enemies, and spot-on sounds that all together make this a worthy TD game to add to your game collection. Combine all those great qualities and the super low price of only $0.99, and you’ll find that downloading this game is a bit of a no brainer.

A few features that are currently being worked on are a speedup button to increase the attacking enemies’ speed, as well as larger zoom out for select game maps, not to mention others that will make Towers Rush that much better.

You can get your download of Towers Rush using the download links below (available for iOS, Google and Amazon devices). There is also a lite version called Tower Rush Lite in iTunes and Google Play.

Download The Towers Rush Tower Defense Game Now!

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Developer: Wonder Gum
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $0.99, v. 1.1
Towers Rush
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 06/30/2014
3D Medieval Tower Defense game featuring 40 different enemies, 6 different defensive turrets, and hours of gameplay.
4 / 5 stars

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