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Seconds to New Year (by Joe Allen) is a New Year’s countdown application that will help you ring in the New Year, and includes a world timezone function to let you, and your friends and family count down with the rest of the world as 2012 arrives for them. This app provides for a big black-and-white display of the seconds until the New Year. If you want more details than seconds, just double tap the screen and you will get a break down of the time until the New Year begins in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. A neat feature to this app is: as the New Year occurs in other parts of the world, countries will pop up on the screen coming from the far left in the color purple in the last minute before the New Year happens (for them) so you can observe the New Year as it occurs throughout the world.

Seconds to New Year iPad App ReviewSeconds to New Year iPad App Review

When it turns 12:00 a.m., confetti will show up on the screen celebrating the brand New Year ahead and with a couple taps, you can start the Seconds to New Year app all over again and begin counting down for the next year. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Seconds to New Year iPad App Details

Title: Seconds to New Year
Price: $0.99
Size: 1.6 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Joe Allen
Store: iTunes App Store

Seconds to New Year iPad App Download Link

Seconds to New Year - Joe Allen

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Seconds to New Year iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
The countdown to new year 2012!

The New Year countdown app that’s perfect for a party! Put your iPad on display and watch the countdown hit 0! Large graphics and a confetti celebration animation for when the new year comes!

PLUS! Discover when the rest of the world’s time zones are celebrating new year!

Launch the application any day of the year to see how many seconds are left until the new year.

The app works with your iPad’s internal clock and will begin counting down to the next new year on January 2nd.

What’s new

Double-tap the screen to show days/hours/mins/seconds.

The app will automatically go back into big-screen countdown mode when the final countdown approaches!

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