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Trailerpop, Massive Movie Trivia Game and Social Community (Video)

Trailerpop is an ingenious movie Entertainment game for the Android, iPhone and iPad. Trailerpop lets you watch up to 20,000+ movie trailers, features hundreds of thousands of movie trivia questions, gives you the ability to purchase tickets from Fandango inside the app, and more.

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Movie trailers are meant to be captivating, and the Trailerpop game does that and more. Now as you watch a movie trailer you can answer movie trivia designed just for that movie trailer. There are points to be had, social sharing through Facebook, Google+, and the Trailerpop community, as well as levels to achieve. The higher levels give you VIP access to bonus movie trivia stuff. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself being sucked into this game.

There are extras included like your own movie lists, profile, and the ability to stream available movies through Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus. However, the movie streaming is not that obvious and appears to be an afterthought. In fact, the movie streaming did not work for the Android app, but it did work on my iPad.

Trailerpop has Rotten Tomatos ratings, Fandango access to purchase tickets for those movies in theaters, and the ability to share with your favorite social communities.

The Trailerpop app is an ingenious way to make watching movie trailers even more entertaining!


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