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Translingo Voice – Translate 38 Languages With Your iPhone

The new iPhone and iPad Translingo Voice app allows you to translate 38 different languages easily and quickly using a variety of methods. I have always wanted to learn a second language like Spanish, Russian, or French, but never got around to it — and by the looks of it — I am not going to anytime soon. This app actually fills the second language gap for me by providing (currently) 38 different languages that can be translated through text, and a large number that also feature audible voice translation as well.

This translation app has a very slick and minimalistic user interface (UI) that is immediately apparent the first time you open up the app. Once you do, you’ll be greeted with a quick information graphic explaining all buttons and how to use the app. First, set your languages from (on the left) and to (on the right) by touching the bottom middle refresh button, when doing so you will see a speaker and/or microphone icon next to most languages, this means they have both audible and voice recognition translation functionality. A language without either is only capable of text translation, but this feature still works very well.

The voice recognition worked great during our period of testing, as long as I spoke clearly into the iPhone microphone. Once you speak the phrase or words you would like translated they are then spoken back to you, as well as provided in text form in what looks like a text message interface. You can replay an audio translation, share the text through text, email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Another very cool feature in this application is the ability to use the camera to either grab a picture from your camera roll or take a picture and have the text in the image translated for you. Even cooler, there are a number of editing tools to increase the image quality like: crop, flip, rotate, among numerous other enhancing tools. This functionality is great for a lot of reasons, but being able to read menus and signs in a foreign country comes to my mind. Translingo Voice can also work well for back and forth dialog by asking your question and having the other person listen to the translation, then have their answer translated from their language into English (in my case).

There is one feature that is not very well explained and that is how to only use the text translate feature for languages that feature or use the voice recognition. Once you have your first speech bubble from a word or translation you asked through speaking, you can tap on this speech bubble then back out the text from your spoken question and enter words or phrases using the keyboard. Languages that do not have the voice recognition feature only have text input. The “text” only feature could definitely be better explained for voice recognition languages and would even be better if you could just tap and hold on the screen to start typing text similar to non voice recognition languages. Regardless, Translingo Voice is a great language translation app that has been “dumbed down” and simplified in a good way to make it very user friendly and very easy to use. Check out our Translingo Voice iPhone Video App Demo for a complete look at this iPhone Productivity application.


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