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Trigonon – Capture Your Thoughts in this Logic Puzzler

Trigonon (by Just Funny Games) challenges you to explore the recesses of your own mind in order to corral your thoughts, using positive and negative energy, switches, barriers, and more in this sphere puzzling game with 50 levels and 5 sectors. The story behind this puzzle game is quite intense and upon watching the cool in app introduction, the stage is set for you to begin playing Trigonon.

The objective is to try and capture your thoughts, which are represented by the shiny spheres (balls) in each level. This logic puzzler gives you a different and more difficult level to solve starting in the 1st sector and concluding in the 5th sector, with 10 puzzles in each sector. At first, the puzzles are straight forward, but quickly become more challenging. Each level is completed once you capture your thought (sphere or ball) into the energy field that is activated by you (with a tap), but the energy field only stays active for a small period of time. Once the energy field turns off, you’ll need more energy to reactivate it if your sphere/ball did not get captured.

Trigonon iPhone GameTrigonon iPhone Game

Early on in the game, the use of barriers help you to angle your thoughts (ball/sphere) in order to corral it into the energy field for capture. However, as the game continues you will have positive and negative energies to deal with, switches and time warps to figure out, and more. Trigonon is a very nicely-conceived and well-made puzzle game, which requires some hardy logic to complete the whole game to capture your thoughts before they getaway. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Trigonon iPhone App Details

Title: Trigonon
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 57.7 MB
Developer: Just Funny Games S.r.l.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Trigonon - Just Funny Games S.r.l.

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Trigonon iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Enter in the maze puzzles of your mind. Free your brilliant thoughts. Every day thousands of spheres of thought remain trapped in cages of negative memories and your brain barriers. Play Trigonon, a unique sphere game and hone your intuitive ability. Use Positive Energy Fields, interact with Positive and Negative Memories, Insights, and Switch Connections. Do not waste time. Get started now.

Trigonon is a mind puzzle game that drags you into the depths of the unconscious did not know you had. Explore 50 virgin areas of your mind over 4 environments.
But pay attention! Your thoughts are constantly moving, you have no control over them. It will be up to your intuitive ability to channel them in the Field of Positive Energy. How to alter the trajectory of a Thought? Creates and directs a limited number of Barriers on each Area, and thus generates complex paths to free your Thoughts. Each game will require new solutions.

Relive your Positive memories and destroy your Negative memories. Use the Connections to reach previously unattainable places and interact with the Switches to control them.

Trigonon features 50 unusual puzzles that require logic, skill and timing. Find new and increasingly uncharted paths to complete them as quickly as possible and win all the gold medals. Get all 16 Achievements and share your best times in the charts of Game Center or directly with your friends on Facebook.

– Unique Gameplay
– Beautiful Graphic supporting Retina Display
– 50 Different Areas
– 5 Sectors
– 16 Achievements with GAME CENTER Support
– Ranking system with 6 Game Center Leaderboards
– Hints system in game
– User Guide in Extras Menu
– Awesome Original Soundtrack

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