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Trivia Game – 2012 Quiz – Free iPhone Game

A lot of things happen in the span of a year. But, how much of it do you really recall? Find out how much with a new trivia game app called 2012 QUIZ – a trivia game about the best year ever! (by Apprope). This Free iPhone trivia game app features 200+ questions (with answers) across 5 different categories: Film/TV, Music, News, Sport, and Trivia — to provide some “memory-jogging” gameplay. This trivia game can be played in 4 languages (UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) and has 2 ways to play, as well as 2 options to share questions with others: on Facebook and email.

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2012 and greet the approaching New Year’s day, what better way to pass the time than recalling all the odd, interesting and unbelievable things that have occurred in 2012. Checking out this trivia game app, I discovered this trivia game app to be a very simple looking with minimalistic graphics. The icon is probably the most exciting looking thing about this app, but 2012 Quiz is intuitive and easy to get around in. With a simple swipe gesture, you’ll be reminiscing and answering questions right away. A random question will appear on a colored background (yellow, orange, green, blue) waiting for you to answer. One really nice thing about this iPhone game app is that the answers are provided along with the questions. To peek at the answer or check someone’s answer, you’ll swipe up to reveal the correct answer, and swipe to the right to move ahead to the next question and category.


It looks like you’ll get about 35 questions for free in this trivia game. This free iPhone game is set up to ask you after every 5 questions if you’d like to unlock all the questions as an in app purchase, which can get a little annoying. But hey, it is a free app. 2012 QUIZ features random questions like: “2012 saw the 25th anniversary of which landmark Michael Jackson album?” — “Women were allowed to compete in which sport for the first time at the London 2012 Olympics?” — and “Which country has made “Hobbit” coins legal tender?” So, there is a nice mix of topics to get most people interested and thinking about this past year’s events. This application offers 2 ways to play: by scrolling through questions for fun or the option to play and keep score, but to keep score you’ll have to pay to unlock the scorecard, which requires you to spend $2.99.

Since this is a free trivia game app, it’s expected that there will be ads to help the developers make money for their hard work, but if you want to remove them, you’ll have to spend the $2.99 in app purchase to do so, which forces you to have to purchase the “hundreds of new questions!” (as in app purchase). Anyway you look at it, you’ll be forced to spend $2.99 if you want to remove ads, access the scorecards, or get the Full version content (which is 150 more questions) provided in this application. Personally, I think a better option would be to have more starter questions (50) with the choice to buy off the ads for a flat $0.99, and also have the option to purchase more content packs (100 questions each) for an additional $0.99 (each) that comes with the scorecard (and no ads). I think the $2.99 price tag is a bit high overall for the limited content. However, if you’re looking for a great way to pass time and reminisce with family and friends, this may just be the perfect app for your New Year’s Eve occasion and worth the $2.99 spend. Who doesn’t like playing a good trivia game?

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