Trivia With Pals Trivia App, A Fun and Social “Battle of the Minds”

Trivia With Pals Pro Trivia App For iPhone

Think you know more than your friends, family or random opponents? You’ll find out when you play this fun social trivia app by E5 Interactive. The Trivia With Pals Pro, trivia app, combines Quiz Bowl quality questions and exciting social gameplay for a great “Battle of the Minds” game.

Trivia App Details

This iPhone Games app comes with catchy music, fresh graphics, Quiz Bowl quality questions, and a variety of engaging game modes. Although this iPhone trivia game features social gameplay, you can opt to play this trivia app against AL, the computer AI, in Single Player mode. But if you want to turn up the excitement factor, challenge your friends and family socially on Facebook. Are you feeling a bit daring? Then let the Trivia With Pals app find your perfect match and face-off with a Random Foe, who is just as smart as you are.

Each game in this trivia app has a 3 round format that’ll test your trivia knowledge in the General, Lightening, and Bonus Rounds. Discover how much you know about these Quiz Bowl category topics of Pop Culture Trivia, Current Events Trivia, World History Trivia, Bible Trivia, and many more. This iPhone game always stays fresh because additional trivia questions are added each week. But be sure to put your thinking cap on first because you only have 20 seconds to answer each question correctly in this fast-paced trivia app. However, you do have a variety of helpful power-ups that you can use to stump your opponent and gain the upper hand. But be prepared, because your foe is sure to return the favor as you both play to find out “Who’s Got the Bigger Brain?”

Trivia With Pals Pro iPhone Trivia Game

Trivia With Pals Pro Trivia App Features

– An Entertaining Game to Determine the Greatest Trivia Champion of Them All
– Challenging and fun social trivia game that can also be played alone in Single Player mode
– Only social trivia game to incorporate Quiz Bowl quality questions
– Play a game with your friends and family, Facebook pals or random opponents
– 3 Round Format: General, Lightning & Bonus
– Think Fast Because You Only Get 20 seconds to answer a question correctly to get the highest score
– Highest score means you win!
– Answer faster & earn more points
– Earn medals & improve your TWP IQ!
– Questions get more challenging with each question you answer correctly
– Earn “Common Cents” w/game play

Use Awesome Power-ups To Stump Your Opponent:
– add 10 seconds to your time meter during the round with SloMo
– Take 5 seconds of time away from each question against your foe/opponent with CrainDrain
– Remove 2 wrong answers for a little help when you’re stuck with 50/50
– Move on to the next question without penalty with FreePass

*Trivia App Content includes: Bible Trivia, Pop Culture Trivia, Current event Trivia, World History trivia, American Trivia, International Trivia, Government Trivia and lots more.

*Note to non-U.S. players: Though this game launched mostly with U.S. based questions, new questions are added each week and will become more international with time!

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Trivia With Pals Pro



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