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Trucks, By Duck Duck Moose – Young Kids Will Love It!

Trucks – by Duck Duck Moose is an iPhone Education app that features 5 amusing and interactive vehicle-themed activities along with 6 all-time-favorite nursery rhymes to really add to your child’s enjoyment and playing experience. Trucks will quickly draw young children into the learning mechanics of sequencing, sorting and problem solving as they play with this application. Although, they call it Trucks, there are plenty of cars in here as well. You’ll find that the navigation within the app is simple and your child will also have the help of a guide: (the voice of) a young girl who tells your child what to do next in the various activities.

iphone kids app reviewsiphone kids app reviews

The 5 activities are: Carwash, Tow Truck, Garbage & Recycling, Bulldozer & Dump Truck, and Car Parade. All these activities focus on sequencing, sorting and problem solving. My guess is that kids will be so involved in the playing that they probably won’t even realize that there’s an underlying learning focus. In each learning activity kids will see a cute and interactive animal character, adding to the playfulness of the learning environment — I like the mud-throwing monkey and guitar-playing shark at the carwash best. There are plenty of interactive components to touch and activate while in the Carwash area (and all other activity areas). The Tow Truck introduces another cause and effect element: toss sharp objects in the road and that causes the passing cars to get a flat, which requires the service of a tow truck (of course) and a trip to the repair shop where you’ll get to pick out a new set of wheels (love the rainbow and monkey tires).

The Garbage & Recycling is a sorting activity for identifying what goes where. There are 3 cans: 1 for recycling, 1 for compost, and 1 for garbage. When you tap on a can, an explanation of what types of items should go into that can is given. Your child is supposed to drag an item (littering the street) and put it into the correct container. A nice feature is that when an item is “picked up,” the lid of the correct container opens up automatically to help children readily identify the correct placement — kids also earn points in this activity. In addition, children will enjoy playing with the dirt-dumping dump truck and dirt-scooping front end loader in the Bulldozer & Dump Truck section (the scooper is a front end loader, just saying). Although all the activities are enjoyable, I’d have to say that I had the most fun in the Car Parade controlling the traffic with the red, yellow, and green stop light. I also discovered that when you tap on the cars they will stop and cause minor accidents, and emergency vehicles light up with sirens ablare. There are different responses for each of the others vehicles, but I especially like the cement truck best for its wonky sound and for the spurt of cement it deposited on the roadway.

Duck Duck Moose did a really nice job of creating a simple and engaging activity app with lots of colorful and fun opportunities that introduce and reinforce common sense scenarios. The music is catchy and upbeat, the graphics are pleasant to look at, but it’s the interactions that really bring it full circle — just enough to help in the process, but not too much that it’s overwhelming for young kids. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app review for a closer look at all the motoring fun. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Trucks, By Duck Duck Moose iPhone App Details

Title: Trucks, By Duck Duck Moose
Price: $1.99
Size: 34.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Duck Duck Moose
Store: iTunes App Store

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Trucks - by Duck Duck Moose - Duck Duck Moose

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Trucks, By Duck Duck Moose iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Welcome to Trucks! Trucks includes 5 different activities: Soap and rinse a car in a carwash, drive a garbage truck, tow a car with a tow truck and fix a flat tire, dump dirt with a dump truck, and play with a car and truck parade. You’ll see an ice cream truck, fire truck, cement truck, police car, mail truck, ambulance, and much more!

Trucks is an educational app that will teach children about sequencing, sorting, and problem solving. The activities encourage experimentation and will stimulate their imaginations.

1) CARWASH: Roll a car through the mud, and into a carwash! Clean the car with brushes, soap, and bubbles. Squirt water jets to rinse off your car then dry it off.

2) TOW TRUCK: Help fix a flat tire. Use a tow truck to take a car to the tire shop. Raise the car up to a platform, change the tires, and choose the hubcab you want!

3) GARBAGE & RECYCLING: Clean up the street and sort items into garbage, compost, and recycling bins. Learn about garbage and recycling and earn a “Green Score.” Dump the correct bin into the garbage, recycling, and compost trucks.

4) BULLDOZER & DUMP TRUCK: Use the dump truck to create a pile of dirt, then take it away with a bulldozer.

5) CAR PARADE: Play with a fire truck, ambulance, ice cream truck, cement truck, police car, and much more! Control their speed with by touching the red, yellow, and green signal lights.

Instrumental music recorded especially for this app with guitar and drums includes popular nursery rhymes: Wheels on the Bus, Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Yankee Doodle, and When the Saints Go Marching In.

Brought to you by Duck Duck Moose, the creator of Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider and winner of 11 Parents’ Choice Awards.

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