Free App Game, Comic Storyline/Post-Apocalyptic 3rd Person Shooter

Forgotten and alone in a world of abandoned machines, you must fight to survive and escape the darkness that surrounds you in Tunnel ground free, a free app game for the iPhone and iPad. Tunnel ground free is a free-to-play post-apocalyptic 3rd person shooter game based on a compelling comic book storyline set in the dark and desolate future beyond the human race.

Free App Game Tunnel Ground Free For iPhone

This free app game features cool graphic artwork, intense music, special effects, and hours of intriguing cyborg gameplay. Tunnel ground free also has a dynamic gaming control system that features a challenging sideways movement of your cyborg during gameplay. Armed with 100+ gun options, upgrades and combos, you’ll battle your way through 7 unique underground zones of increasing difficulty. You’ll also need to scavenge discarded scrap along the way to rebuild yourself and replenish your weapons. And if you’re going to survive, you must annihilate bots, turrets, generators and anything else that stands in your way of escaping this underground prison.

Do you have the mentality and skill to survive in this dark post-apocalyptic world? Download this free app game and find out!

Tunnel Ground Free App Game

Tunnel Ground Free Game Features

“Unique Game that Combines Post-Apocalyptic 3rd Person Shooter with Comic Book Storytelling.”

– Explore 7 unique underground zones in this free app game!
– Several hours worth of massive cyborg game play!
– Over 100+ different gun options through upgrades and combinations!
– Introduces Dynamic Game Controls (Strafing – sideways movement)
– Strafing Tutorial mode
– Facebook likes to help you get gun upgrades!
– Stunning graphics to make you really experience the post-apocalyptic future!
– Enjoy shooting of bots, turrets, generators etc. in different ways!
– Gather scrap to power your weapons, repair yourself and replenish your ammunitions!


Download The Tunnel Ground Free App Game Now!

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