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TurboScan – Turn Your iPhone Into A Portable Scanner

TurboScan allows you to turn your iPhone into a portable scanner, scanning just about anything, and features the ability to airprint, email scanned documents, and more. Your iPhone is a very powerful little device, but do you know how powerful it really is? The iPhone app “TurboScan: quickly scan multipage documents into high-quality PDFs” (by Pixoft) allows you to harness the mobile power of your most dynamic iPhone to create a pdf or image out of just about anything you can take a picture of. The scanner technology in this app is very quick and accurate, especially the proprietary “SureScan” feature, which takes 3 images in a row combining them into one, then giving you the option to crop the scanned image before saving.

iphone productivity app reviewsiphone productivity app reviews

There are a load of features enabling you to share your scanned items, including the feature of sharing each scanned item as a pdf, jpg or png file. The ability to scan a multi-page document is also relatively easy, quick and painless. As far as business and productivity applications go, they are limitless, but here are just a few ways you can use your iPhone to capture information like: receipts, whiteboards, legal documents, work docs, research documents, idea images, etc. TurboScan has some excellent setting options and  extensive information on how to use the application (for those who need a little help), and by far is a great add to anyone’s “Must Have” app list. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

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TurboScan: quickly scan multipage documents into high-quality PDFs - Pixoft

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