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Inevitably there are times when I forget to turn my iPhone ringer on after placing my iPhone in silent mode. Ring Reminder is a handy little iPhone app to remind users to once again turn their ringer on after going on silent mode for a meeting, church, family time, etc. This app works when the iPhone is in silent mode, meaning vibration is turned off (for whatever reason). The application will provide the user a pop message reminding the user to turn their ringer on at the set alarm time. But, this iPhone app does more. The user can also set an alarm to have a fake incoming call sound at the time they choose. This can be handy to get out of a long meeting or to get away from someone.

iphone app reviewiphone app review

Users can set up to 10 different alarm codes for either the silent ring reminder or the audible fake call. The alarm times can be any amount of time up to 24 hours. Setting an alarm is easy, just tap the + sign in the upper left of the main screen and you can customize an alarm. If you are selecting an audible alarm you must also select a ring tone. Once complete, return to the main screen and tap the blue start button to start your alarm. If the alarm set is silent, turn off your sound. If your alarm is audible, ignore the message to turn off your sound. There is a small glitch and when the user sets an audible alarm they are encouraged to turn off the sound. But doing so will cause the fake phone calls not to be heard. This is a handy little iPhone app to help users remind themselves to turn their ringer on after going in silent mode. CM

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Title: Ring Reminder-Silent Mode Alarm Timer
Cost: $0.99
Category: Utilities
Developer: iZooLu
Store: iTunes App Store

Ring Reminder - Silent Mode Alarm Timer - iZooLu

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