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TypeSmart Keyboard FREE – Empowered By Your Android!

TypeSmart Keyboard FREE (by Comet Apps) is an advanced replacement keyboard app for your Android and provides a ton of amazing features to simplify and empower your written communication. If you are one of those people that has to have the best of everything, then I’m pretty sure this Android keyboard app is for you. This app is packed with functionality, far too much to list in this blog post, but I will list the highlights. First, this FREE version of TypeSmart is actually the full version, but given as a test-drive for 30 days. I actually purchased the full version to compare them and they were identical. Some of the bigger features are the learning dictionary, intelligent word predictor, advanced spell checker and a lot of customizable settings that you can configure for your own shortcut preferences, as well as local keyboards.

typesmart keyboard free android app reviewtypesmart keyboard free android app review

This app comes with Google Voice to Text support, Google Translate inside the app for more than 50 languages and currently supports English, Spanish, and German languages, as well as various keyboard selections including T9. There is some interesting personalization that can be done to your keyboard in this app allowing you to change the standard keyboard with your own image, or one of the many included in this application. There are numerous other features in TypeSmart Keyboard FREE that will empower your typing/communication experience on your Android, and with a 30 day trial of the full version, there’s no reason not to try it. Heck, if you don’t like it, delete it, but if you find it to be useful (like I did), especially for all that it provides, I think it’s a very reasonable purchase at $2.88. (Google Play Market). Be sure to watch the video app demo below for a complete walkthrough of this application. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

TypeSmart Keyboard FREE Android App Details

Title: TypeSmart Keyboard FREE
Price: Free
Category: Productivity
Size: 2.2 MB
Developer: Comet Apps
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

TypeSmart Keyboard FREE Android App Download Link

TypeSmart Keyboard FREE – Android Market

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TypeSmart Keyboard FREE Android App Developers Description

Type smarter with the most advanced replacement keyboard for Android phones.
Type faster and smarter with the most advanced keyboard replacement for Android phones. Unique features make it easy to type almost anything in fewer presses than other keyboards. Your thumbs will thank you!
*** Complete our user feedback survey and get a free lifetime copy of TypeSmart! Limited to the first 50 applicants. Email for details.
TypeSmart has all the features you expect in an advanced keyboard replacement, plus many not found anywhere else:
– Intelligent word-prediction engine means you’ll rarely have to type a whole word.
– Learning dictionary suggests next-word predictions based on your typing history.
– Advanced real-time spell-checker makes typos nearly impossible, and faulty corrections almost obsolete.
– Lots of beautiful themes!
– All punctuation and symbols are accessible from the main keyboard. Never get lost in a maze of symbol keyboards again.
– Program custom shortcuts to enter commonly-used words or phrases with just a couple of keystrokes.
– Undo incorrect spell-corrections with one click
– Toggle a top row of number keys with one swipe. Use the full alphanumeric layout to enter addresses and passwords FAST.
– Go hands-free with Google’s powerful speech-to-text engine.
– Do you communicate in more than one language? Use Locale Profiles to switch language & keyboard instantly.
– Customize your phone with multiple themes and a wallpaper library, or use any photo on your phone as wallpaper.
– Built-in translator translates what you type to over 50 languages (powered by Google Translate).
– Languages supported:
– English (US & UK)
– Spanish
– French (coming soon)
– German (coming soon)
– Keyboards:
– QWERTY (English)
– QWERTY (Spanish)
– QWERTY (International)
– AZERTY (French)
– AZERTY (Belgian)
– QWERTZ (German)
– T9

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