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uberClock Alarm Clock is a great app to have if you use your iPhone as an alarm often, but want to spice things up with a few different clock styles. uberClock features five different clock “styles,” including a standard LED clock, a “cubed” or ‘Tix” clock, a binary clock, unixtime, and a Roman Numeral clock. All of these look very nice and are customizable. When viewing a clock, you can quickly tap the screen to see a brightness slider. This is great for quickly dimming the clock if you’re getting ready to go to sleep. For the LED clock, you can slide a few color sliders (Red, Green, and Blue) to get the perfect color that you want your clock to be. You can then choose to show seconds, if you want to have the seconds blink, if you want it in 24-hour display, and if you want it to show AM/PM. Lastly, for the LED clock you can make it show the day of the week, if you so desire.

iphone app reviewsiphone app reviews

The real reason I purchased this app was for the cubed/Tix clock. These types of clocks look great, are modern, stylish, and best of all they are simple to read. The cubed/Tix clock has three options, one to view it in 24-hour display, one for it to show reflection, and one to update on the second. The binary clock is just your standard binary clock, nothing really special about it, but it works well and looks sleek. The unixtime clock seems almost like a waste of space, but I guess some people find it neat. I can’t easily “read” it so it’s not much of a help to me. Lastly, the Roman Numeral clock is just what it sounds like… a Roman Numeral clock. It looks neat but I don’t find it practical. You can set a bunch of alarms that seem to work well. The app also features a few global settings. One of these is “SmartSnooze” which will ask you a math problem if you want to snooze. Then there’s default volume and snooze time options. There are a few other settings too, which can make the app a bit more usable. Overall, I was really impressed that this app had a cubed/Tix clock, and I think that’s probably its main selling point since I don’t think any other app in the AppStore offers such a clock as this. Definitely check this app out. Slim

uberClock Alarm Clock iPhone App Details

Title: uberClock Alarm Clock
Price: $0.99
Size: 2.9 MB
Category: Utilities
Developer: [elevenELEVEN]
Store: iTunes App Store

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

uberClock Alarm Clock iPhone App Developers Description

uberClock is a beautiful desk or alarm clock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply swipe left or right to change the clock style. uberClock is much more than just a basic alarm clock, each clock style is highly customizable so you can make uberClock *your* clock.

Set as many alarms as you’d like using a familiar interface, each with their own selection of 8 built-in sounds or pick one or more songs or even a playlist from your iPod music library. Choose from a standard alarm, snooze alarm or SmartSnooze alarm. SmartSnooze asks a simple math question like “12 + 8”, to make sure you know you’re hitting the snooze. Expired alarms can be configured to be disabled or removed from the system for you unless they are set to repeat. Delete unwanted alarms with a simple swipe.

All settings are a quick tap away on any clock style. Simply tap the ‘i’ button on the clock you want to customize. Alarm clock and global clock settings are available any time the settings are open.

Use the global settings to change the clock display order, set the default volume, or the snooze time. You can also toggle alarm vibration (on supported devices) and auto-lock as well as many other options.

uberClock WILL be a strain on your battery. It has been tested on a 3GS, unplugged with the screen on, for over 9 hours, but we recommend that you make sure the device is plugged in to ensure that your alarm clock will function properly. It’s also been tested on an original phone, unplugged, with the screen locked for over 4 days! Any alarm will still work while the screen is locked as long as the app is still running.

– 5 sleek clock styles – each with many customizable options and more on the way
– Multiple alarms
– 8 built-in alarm sounds or choose one or more songs or playlists from your iPod library
– Vibrate alarm
– Customizable SmartSnooze
– Set alarm volume
– Customizable snooze time
– Display brightness control
– 12 or 24 hour format display on most clock styles
– Portrait or Landscape left and right modes
– Alarms still function while the screen is locked
– Disable auto-lock toggle
– Alarm icon to designate alarm clock mode
– Shake to turn on flashlight mode

Available options (on supported clocks)
– Set your choice of color from over 16 million colors
– Show / hide seconds
– Show / hide AM / PM
– Show / hide day of week
– Blink seconds
– 12 or 24 hour format
– Show reflection

Current available clock styles
– Binary
– Roman Numeral
– Cubed
– Unixtime

New clock styles are always in development and will ALWAYS be FREE updates. Visit the [elevenELEVEN] forums for updates and screenshots from upcoming versions.

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