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Urban Rivals – Massive Online Strategy Game

Urban Rivals is a strategic, card battling game for the iPhone that has over 800 different character cards and over 21 million players, where you play against online opponents trying to win as many battles as possible leveling up your characters, gaining cool bonuses and some extras. This iPhone card game has a very massive community, not to mention a tremendous amount of player cards, as well as hundreds of missions to complete for prizes that keep this game continuously interesting, game after game. Add to that, the opportunity to level up your characters from experience earned and fighting bonuses that are unexpected, and what you have is a great card strategy game.

Once you get your first deck (8 battle cards), you’ll fight through a few training battles with Kate, the online computer representative — which is a tutorial. Kate will eventually give you the green light to fight on your own, which is where the game starts to get really fun. It will take a few battles to figure out a strategy that will beat your opponent, as you have to take into consideration your opponent’s power, the damage he/she will inflict on you (if he or she beats you), and some other unknowns that you’ll learn along the way. The overall goal is to have more hearts at the end of a battle than your opponent (each player has 12 to start). There are also “pillz” that each player gets an equal amount of at the beginning of the game (12) and each player gets another pillz at the beginning of each battle (4 total), in each battle. The game pits 4 of your 8 characters (randomly selected), as well as that of your opponent, and you then face off for 4 rounds of battle. This game has a great algorithm to prevent unfair fights and auto-matches you to others with equal decks. You can also challenge anyone who is online, but again, the computer will not let you clear-cut through players with lesser decks to rack up experience, which keeps all players on equal footing.

FREE iPhone Strategy Online Game PlayFREE iPhone Strategy Online Game Play

While you can buy decks and certain player cards, it is unlikely that you will get all of the 800+ characters, all belonging to a variety of different clans with different abilities and characteristics. There is also a free character market where players can buy and sell their characters with others using “clintz” — the in app currency as the vehicle for this. Lastly, you can create more than one deck allowing you to have various leveled decks for battle against more players. Urban Rivals has also smartly added a social element to the game allowing you to friend other players, message, and mark players as rivals to have regular battles with. Urban Rivals is a really good strategy game that does have a bit of a learning curve to get up and running, but once you get the hang of it — it can have a blast playing this massive online strategy game. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo below for a complete demonstration of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Urban Rivals iPhone App Details

Title: Urban Rivals
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 16.5 MB
Developer: Boostr
Store: iTunes App Store

Urban Rivals iPhone App Download Link

Urban Rivals - Boostr

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Urban Rivals iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

BUILD your team, LEVEL UP your characters and CHALLENGE thousands of players.

Welcome to Clint City! Chaos has been rampant for way too long as each clan wants to seize control of the city. It’s time to put an end to all this craziness. Do you have what it takes to become the new Master of the city?

Urban Rivals is a multiplayer strategic game, already ranked in RPG Top 10 in Germany, Canada, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal…

Discover hundreds of awesomely designed characters who gain experience after each fight, improve their stats, unlock powerful abilities and change their physical appearance as they level up.

Join tournaments, win prizes, trade characters and complete missions.

Your 1st mission: Download the app and register for FREE right now!

– Intense and strategic fights
– Over 500 characters available
– Numerous game modes
– In game tutorial to easily learn the rules of the game
– A market to trade your characters with other players
– 8 millions registered users means you’ll find opponents online 24/7

What’s new

• Bug fixes

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