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USA TODAY for iPhone, The Newspaper On Your iPhone!

USA Today for iPhone has been more than updated the app has been replaced. The original USA TODAY for iPhone app (or version 1.9) has been deactivated and all users were told to get this free version, also known as USA TODAY for iPhone. While this is not that uncommon, it’s definitely not the optimal way you want to treat your app community. The most notable difference between the 2 apps is the departure from a newspaper styled app to more of a tech reader app that has an ultra simplified navigation menu. I didn’t feel like I was reading a major US newspaper using this application, but more like a tabloid.

iPhone App Review for the USA TODAY for iPhone App

The topics for the physical USA TODAY paper (News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech, Travel) greet you as if you are opening a box of brightly colored crayons with colors such as blue, green, and red, like the offline parent papers colored sections. While I was not a huge user of the original app, I did like the newspaper experience it provided and this is why I really like the USA TODAY for iPad version.

USA TODAY for iPhone App Review

I guess there is that need to feel like I am reading a real newspaper, although on a mobile device; however, with this app that is all out the window. The content is decent, but all the photo sections seem really cheesy and overall not the content that I want seems like an afterthought, that looks really bad. Another oddity I found in this app was that when I drilled down into the Tech category for Top Stories, I found an article on Asian Tiger Shrimp Invading US Waters. After reading the entire article I was having a hard time trying to figure out why this was in this section. The only information remotely close to tech mentioned in the article is DNA testing, and this is not tech news that I want nor any other tech enthusiast, I’m pretty sure.

A huge plus for this news app is that it has a very nice weather feature powered by Accuweather with forecasts for the cities you want as well as touch screen pinch in and zoom out radar. The rest of the app is just average and in fact, while the old app supported landscape mode, they removed this feature in the new updated version, which appears to be more of a downgrade than an upgrade.

The users have spoken as well in the iTunes App Store leaving scathing reviews — and leaving the app. The app is not horrible, but there are plenty of other news apps that I would rather use to feed my news addiction. What say you? Do you like the new version of this app or the old version better?

USA TODAY for iPhone iPhone App Details

Title: USA TODAY for iPhone
Price: Free
Size: 11.7 MB
Category: News
Developer: USA TODAY
Store: iTunes App Store

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  1. Richard fm Corona says:

    I tried new USAxx app, didn’t like it, deleted it and found 1.5 ver onmy puter iTunes and reloaded it