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Vector for iPhone, Exceptionally Intriguing Parkour-Style Game (Video)

Vector for iPhone introduced me to something I had seen before, but did not actually know what it was called. This, of course, is Parkour style movement or running.

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As you will see in the Vector for iPhone app video, Parkour movement is based on efficiency of movement, using only your body and surroundings. I watched a real life example of Parkour running a while back that was amazing, but had a horrible outcome (Video). The guy was awesome, running Parkour style in the video, but he hit a roof with his face and got hurt pretty bad. Thankfully, he was okay.

Vector for iPhone is similar. This is a fast-paced minimalist game where you are being chased in a totalitarian state. Your only chance to be free is to run from your pursuing captor. You perform a variety of jumps, flips, and other movements that require precise timing to execute. Some may feel the game is too hard and many will find it to be the perfect challenge. Vector for iPhone comes with 30+ levels of significantly difficult gameplay, with more in development.

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Vector for iPhone is an arcade action game that requires fast reflexes and precise timing or it’s back to the Gulag for you!

There are Vector versions available for free and paid (iPhone,iPad,Android). You can also play Vector on Facebook.

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YouTube App Video Link: Vector for iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps [powerpress]


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