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Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO – Chaotic Slicing Gameplay!

Whether you like your vegetables chopped or sliced, they all cut the same in Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO (by Adv Webbing, Inc.), a culinary slashing game featuring 3 game modes, real physics, and customization. Immediately, you’ll notice a very recognizable theme to this app, which gives homage to another hit iPhone game, Fruit Ninja, by providing an excellent vegetable-slicing game counterpart. Although Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO does have recognizable game play, it truly is its own vegetable slicing game and you’ll notice that this game marches to a different beat with a more aggressive artificial intelligence (AI) that makes the gameplay significantly challenging in all game modes (less in Zen). The 2 main game modes, Classic and Arcade are fast and furious, and immediately begin with plenty of eggplant, zucchini, peanuts and other vegetable tossing and slicing action. Classic game mode has 3 lives, but once these lives are lost the game is over. You lose a life either by not slicing a veggie before it leaves the screen or by slicing the ever present dynamite sticks.

Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO iPhone App ReviewVegetable Samurai 3D PRO iPhone App Review

The Arcade game mode is based on time (90 seconds) and has the same slicing-veggie action and dynamite, but when you slice the TNT, you’ll lose 10 points which is deducted off your score. The most logical place for me to start was in the Zen game mode, which while timed, had no penalties and allowed me the opportunity to hone my slicing skills. If you want some customization there are 4 sword colors to choose from, which include: default (white), blue, red, and yellow. This game does currently lack game center, but the developer plans on fixing this right away, which will then provide for some friendly (or not so friendly) vegetable challenges to prove who is the very best vegetable slicer around in this chaotic slicing game. Be sure to watch the video below for a complete walk through of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO iPhone App Details

Title: Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 12.2 MB
Developer: Adv Webbing, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO - Adv Webbing, Inc.

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Vegetable Samurai 3D PRO iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Your challenge is to cut as much Vegetables as you can while avoiding the dangerous bombs. If you slash multiple vegetables in one move you’ll be awarded with extra points. Don’t let them fall!

Some objects have extra powers:
* Lucky Vegetables (+10 points)
* Extra time (+10 seconds)
* Double points (everything gets doubled for 10 seconds)

1) Realistic 3D models with amazing physics
2) Incredible splatter effects
3) Multiple game modes: Classic, Arcade and Zen
4) Cool audio effects and ambiance
5) Customizable sword color
6) Intelligent level generator
7) Multitouch and multitasking supported

Tip: Score multiple combos in every game mode. It will bring up special objects that help you get the highest scores.

What are you waiting for?
Good luck!


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