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NowThis News, Video News App Review

We are strong supporters of app videos and see them as a quick and easy source of information consumption, so it was no surprise to us to see a new news network (of sorts) started via the NowThis News , iOS Universal application. This News app features a sparse number of categories because its main focus is breaking news found in the Latest category — which is the category feed the app opens to. The news videos are well made snippets, short, and targeted specifically for mobile viewers. The average informative video runs around 1:20 seconds or less with some as short as :15 seconds. NowThis News is capitalizing on social networking to launch this app into stardom, and I think they may be onto something.

As a strong believer in mobile video, I feel that mobile video consumption has not yet reached its zenith. This is mostly due to mobile device technology and broadband speeds. However, mobile device technology is continually morphing as is mobile broadband speeds, and availability. The main factor that will make video consumption explode is time when the cost of connectivity and mobile devices begin to drop as technology levels off. NowThis News has Latest, Politics, Tech, Entertainment, Malala, and Potpourri categories — which (as I mentioned before) are not broad enough choosings for most mobile users. I dig the specific category for Malala who is Malala Yousafzai, a student the Taliban attempted to kill in October, however, she miraculously survived as does here bold cause. But, is this category a place holder for causes? The news videos are a bit edgy in content, but not quite over the top, and will surely appeal to the US population.

NowThis News has a slick user interface (UI) with a very minimalist design, no settings, just tap and watch, tap to stop, and tap to share. NowThis News is free for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You may want to check it out your yourself (see download link below).


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