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Plug in your headphones and transform your iPhone or iPad into an amazing voice recording experience using the Vio app. The Vio music app is a voice processor that combines sound and interactive motion graphics together to create a mesmerizing audio/visual experience.

Vio iPad Music App

Experience motion graphics that react to your every touch and preset sound themes that change and enhance your voice with each theme. Be awed by preset sound themes like 8 Brain Silo, Blues Boogie, Space Cathedral and many more that are available in this iOS Universal app. Vio also has a pitch correction technology that makes every sound your voice makes sound truly amazing.

You can enjoy the Vio app for entertainment purposes only or use for studio type recording.

To find out what other great features this Music app has to offer, read the Vio App Features below.

Vio Transform Your Voice iPad App News

Vio App Features

Transform Your Voice!

Your voice has never sounded so good. The innovative audio engine behind VIO pushes vocal processing on the iPhone to new levels, making it the perfect tool for every situation—time-killing and studio recording alike.

From futuristic to fuzzy, 8-Bit to outer space, VIO offers a variety of presets, all best-in-class, all waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re an award winning crooner or bus stop amateur, VIO’s pitch correction technology ensures that every note is in tune and every melody beautifully harmonized.

VIO’s expressive and highly interactive interface makes the visual experience of transforming your voice a beautiful one, too. Pinch, drag, swirl and swipe to discover new transformations and shape new sounds.

Looking to use a VIO vocal performance on your next album? No problem! VIO offers low, medium and high quality audio formats.

Once that perfect melody has been dropped, a double-tap on the screen begins a loop of your recording, leaving you free to focus on shaping your sound with the visualizer.

Adjustable keys, scales, tempos and more allow you to tailor your presets and define your own sound. Visit to learn more.

Easily share your performances with friends and family via email, SoundCloud, Dropbox and iTunes file sharing.

Join the VIO community, discover how others are transforming their voice and submit your best performances to the VIO team by using the hashtag #VIOAPP.

Vio iOS Music App News

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