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Warm Yourself By A Virtual Fireplace With Fireplace HD+

There’s something comforting and alluring about a crackling fireside that draws you in and makes you want to sit back and relax for a while. But even if you don’t have a real fireplace of your own, you can still enjoy a cozy virtual fireplace experience using the Fireplace HD+ app by Rory Buckley. With this iOS Universal Lifestyle app, you’ll gladly leave all the cares of the world behind as you “warm” yourself by various fireplace hearths. And not only do you get awesome fireplace animations in this fireplace app, but it also comes with authentic sounds, a variety of music, and more to enhance your overall virtual fireplace experience.

Fireplace App

Fireplace HD+ is sure to warm the hearts of traditional and modern fireplace enthusiast alike. This virtual fireplace app comes with 5 different hearth scenes ranging from a roaring fire to a crackling fire, and even down to a fire with soft glowing embers. Most scenes include the traditional log in the hearth, but you’ll also find an intense flame that fills the entire screen. And for the romantics, there’s even a softly lit background setting complete with a rose and champagne glasses to bring out your amorous side. And for an even better viewing option, Fireplace HD+ has the capability to live stream your virtual fireplace onto your Apple TV screen using AirPlay. This TV option is good for many occasions, allowing everyone to enjoy the comforting ambience.

The navigation is pretty simple: swipe left and right to change scenes, swipe up to access the main screen for help and down for music and audio options. Another tap on the bottom of your iPad screen will reveal additional functionality (AirPlay, social sharing, music and sleep timers). Aside from the nice selection of fireplace scenes, the option to also hear the sounds of a crackling fire lend an authentic and realistic touch to this virtual fireplace experience. But the option to enjoy several fireplace scenes and sounds along with a wide variety of music is what takes this fireplace app from “nice” to “exceptional.”

Virtual Fireplace

You have several options for your listening pleasure: listen to soothing piano music, select from several preset radio stations, or use the Search feature to search an artist or song title to find radio stations that regularly play your choice tune or group. Obviously, roaring fires conjure up images of the holidays, so Fireplace HD+ takes full advantage and includes a piano version of the “12 Days of Christmas,” “O Christmas Tree,” and “Silent Night,” along with 3 other piano songs that are suitable throughout the year. This fireplace app also gives you 6 included radio stations to broaden your holiday listening enjoyment. In addition to these options, the preset radio stations offer a good variety of genres to suit your different moods and occasions with Jazz, Oldies, Classical, Pop, Rock, Christmas, Country, Swing, and Movie Soundtracks.

The developer also included another thoughtful feature that lets you “extinguish” your fire (and sounds) automatically. The handy sleep timer feature allows you to use this fireplace app as a relaxation app and/or sleep aid app. The sleep timer portion comes with a 10 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minute setting. When the timer silently goes off, the audio and video display cease, allowing you to drift off into your sweet slumber undisturbed. And the best thing about falling asleep next to this virtual fireplace app is that you don’t have to worry about the house burning down.

Fireplace iPhone App

If you want to escape the bone-chilling weather outside and curl up with soothing sights and sounds of a crackling fireplace, Fireplace HD+ is an excellent choice that offers a great iPad virtual fireplace experience to please all. And for only $0.99, this iOS Universal app is a great value for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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