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Vixes HD – A Wonderful Bedtime Story for Kids!

Vixes HD (by Brite Kids) is an interactive iPad storybook that features unique hand-drawn backgrounds, fun puzzles to solve, and lovable characters like Alie and Valie — a couple of the youngest dream-delivering creatures called Vixes. The Vixes are the secret behind all the pleasant dreams we people on Earth experience each night — Didn’t you know? At least according to this sweet, childrens’ iPad storybook.

The artwork is pleasant to look at and contains a similar stylistic charm seen in the works of Dr. Seuss — but a little more on the sweeter side. It’s easy to get around in this book due to the simple navigation like an arrow icon to turn pages, a speaker icon to stop and start the narration, and a Menu button to transport you back to the beginning of the story at any time, or allow you to jump into any of the individual chapters. There is also a multi-language option that allows you to hear and read along with the story in either English or Russian. Vixes HD presents nice animation throughout with interactive opportunities on each page as the story moves on. The only disappointment here is that the lighthearted mood and artwork are so pleasant in this book that I wish there where more things to be engaged with. Along with the cute characters, the music and the soothing voice of the professional narrator, you’ll happily be led from page to page. Some pages have text to follow along with and some pages contain just animation along with the narration (no text).

iPad kids video app reviewsiPad kids video app reviews

You’ll eventually see a pattern developing here as questions (one at a time and one per page) are posed to the kids in order to prompt them to think and solve for what they need to do next, which is to find their way to Professor Plank (one of the dream scientist), by solving puzzles along the way to complete Alie and Valie’s journey and deliver dreams to two children via the dream machine. If at any time a child gets stuck and is unsure of what to do on any page, there is that “Tip Me!” button to supply helpful hints. Children will be so wrapped up in the storyline, cute characters, and fun puzzles that they probably won’t realize that they’re being prompted to make logical sequence decisions on each page in order to progress to the next page and complete the task at hand — I have to say that the Tip Me! button is really helpful on clueing and directing children on what to do next in the process. There are even a couple instances when children are directed through a pictograph to use the iPad accelerometer, such as when Alie and Valie are at the park and rock the baby Vixes back and forth on the teeter totter.

By the time your child helps Alie and Valie wake up and prepare for the day, get from their house, travel through several points before getting to Dr. Plank, and then figure out the dream machine puzzles (to send out the sweet dreams to the children on Earth), he or she should be ready for some sweet dreams of his/her own. And if you hurry, you’ll be able to grab this charming Vixes HD storybook at a reduced price of only $0.99 (which is today, June 01st) in honor of the Children’s Day celebration taking place in countries around the world. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at this iPad book application. Crazy Mike

Vixes HD iPad App Details

Title: Vixes HD
Price: $1.99
Size: 94.9 MB
Category: Books
Developer: Brite Kids
Store: iTunes App Store

Vixes HD iPad App Download Link

Vixes HD - Brite Kids

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Vixes HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

Vixes is a unique rich interactive book for children and their parents for iPad!
LIMITED TIME OFFER — 50% OFF for iPad this week!

#1 paid interactive book for children in AppStore in Russia!

Also available on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPod Touch!

It is packed with beatiful artistic backgrounds, fully voiced and features little Vixes — Valie and Alie, in a long and engaging story with logical and intuitive puzzles.

Vixes are jolly and hard-working little people. When night falls on Earth, the Sun shines bright in their world — and they work tirelessly to bring us sweet and colorful dreams.
And Valie and Alie are, as you may have guessed, Vixes — and even though they are pretty young, they are going to be Dream Deliverers one day. And this day might come much sooner then they expect…

– funny and lovable characters
– beautiful hand-drawn animations
– lots of fully voiced interactive screens with puzzles
– multiple language option

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