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Vizilife Planning App, All-In-One Task, Project, Note, And Life Tracker App!

Vizilife is a relational life planning app that has you connected in all areas of your life from tasks, projects, notes, and more – all in 1 convenient app! There are apps out there for getting things done (GTD) and personal information management (PIM), and plenty of others that work well separately. But few, if any, have the organizational abilities that the Vizilife Android app does.

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Vizilife Planning App Overview

Vizilife is not your ordinary task manager, GTD, or PIM application. The key difference between Vizilife and other planning apps is the relational aspect that allows you to link any activity, contact, photo, audio note, project, task, etc. to one another in order to provide a deeper organization in all areas of your life. Although this Productivity/Business app is free to use, there is a paid version that unlocks additional categories and customization for even better organization of your everyday life.

Planning App Vizilife Android App Review

Free Version Functionality

The free version of Vizilife includes the following 9 categories: Tasks, Notes, Events, Projects, Questions, Pictures, Audio, People, and All Categories. These categories appear as colorful, relevant icons on the Home Screen each time you open the app. You can quickly add content to each of the categories by tapping on any category icon. The category templates are the same when creating a new activity. Some categories like People, Photo and Audio have specific input options for contacts, images and to record audio notes. Besides these categories, all allow you to title your activity, provide a description, web link, set an importance and/or urgency status, location, due date, due time, time zone, recurrence, reminder, and even a password.

Once you have created several different activities, you can link activities, notes, questions, people, images or audio notes by simply tapping on them. This provides the ability to relate, for example, a project with a contact allowing for a deeper level of organization for your different life activities. Another cool feature is that after each data item is added it shows metadata when viewed in the category, reminders or alert queues. This provides you the ability to quickly glance at an item for basic informational details.

Vizilife Planning App Android App Review

The free Vizilife app also provides you the ability to export your data to Google Drive and print using Google Cloud Print. There is additional functionality that allows you to find items faster in categories, using search or by filtering any category by a variety of ways. And if you are forgetful, there is a reminder and alert queue where you can track all your reminders and active alerts.

Probably the most impactful part of the Vizilife planning app is that each time you open the app you are greeted with the 9 default or free category icons, each with a number in the top right indicating the number of items in that category. So for free, Vizilife has a lot of functionality. And there are no ads other than the occasional pop up ad with an offer to be introduced to another of the developer’s apps. While the free version is a completely functional life planning app, the unlocked version (through in app purchase) allows for more customization and deeper organization.

Vizilife Android Planning App Review

Unlocked (Paid) Version Features

Unlocking the paid features costs $1.99 and can be done in the settings area, specifically in the Manage category section. The free version does not allow for editing, adding, or creating new categories. But once unlocked to the paid version, you can create new categories, edit categories, add new background images, change the icon color, and so on. But the best feature that comes with unlocking to the paid version is the ability to add more categories to the Home Screen.

As stated, you have a lot more customization with the paid version. You can create categories specific to your work, hobbies, chores, volunteer work, or anything else you can think of that’s relevant to your everyday life. That includes easily customizing that category with your own background image, identifying icon, and category color. Of course, all the features of the free version remain once you have unlocked the paid functionality.

Android Vizilife Planning App Review

My Take On Vizilife

Vizilife is a very easy-to-use planning app. And since all the information (category) templates are the same, it does not take long to add a task, project, image, audio note, person or activity. The linking aspect is cool because when you link items, you will see an icon in the metadata for each linked item. You can also drill down deeper and follow “why” you have linked items – if you forget. And if you no longer need items linked, you can easily unlink them by tapping on a linked item. The only functionality missing, for me, was the ability to link Vizilife with my Calendar app. Add this to the Vizilife app and this mobile application will be the “cat’s meow” of planning apps! The developer, Brillisoft, has been continuously updating Vizilife based on user feedback, so you may see the ability to connect to a calendar or other new functionality appear sooner than later.

If you want to use one single app to help you get a handle on all areas of your everyday life, then Vizilife may be the ultimate life planning app for you!

The Vizilife planning app originally started on the Windows mobile platform, but is now available for Android and iOS devices, including tablets. You can download Vizilife for free using the download links below.

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Developer: Brillisoft, LLC
Android OS Business application, Cost: $0.00, v 2.1
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/06/2014
Comprehensive life planning app with the ability to relate items to one another for better planning and organization of all areas in your life.
4 / 5 stars

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