Vocabulary Game, A Great Match-The-Opposite Word Game

The Opposites is a fun vocabulary game that should get your kids excited about the English language. This iOS Universal Education app introduces the interesting world of opposite words (antonyms) in a thrilling and challenging game that’ll have your kids quickly learning and pairing up opposite words in no time at all.



This vocabulary game is a battle-of-the-words type game between Brother and Sister. Each sibling takes a turn spouting off random words that appear as rising bubbles on the screen. Kids then have to match the correct synonym with the correct antonym to pop the bubbles before they take over the screen and end the game.

Kids start off in this vocabulary game on level 1 and have to successfully complete each level to move on and unlock the other levels. The Opposites app features 10 levels of gameplay with 100 vocabulary words on each level that’ll become increasingly more difficult as kids progress. During gameplay kids can earn food rewards that’ll give them extra time to match opposite words. And they’ll get a real challenge when playing in the stimulating Think Fast bonus rounds.

The Opposites is a challenging game for kids 7 years old and older and has colorful and kid-appealing graphics and sounds. This vocabulary game also comes with a Dictionary feature that pairs synonyms and antonyms for them and provides easy-to-understand definitions to help prepare kids before taking part in the word gameplay.



* The Opposites, by Mindshape Limited, is available for the iPhone and iPad and usually sells for $1.99, but this iOS Universal Education app is a free app for a limited time. You can download this application using the App Store link below.

The Opposites App Features


• Expanding vocabulary.

• Understanding the importance of word context.

• Reading, writing and oral literacy skills.


• 10 levels, bonus rounds and high score medals.

• Male or female voice narration for every word, building confidence in pronunciation.

• Meanings and synonyms.

Play The Opposites and see just how fun learning vocabulary can be!


If you like The Opposites app, be sure to download this app now using the links below before it goes back to paid!

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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