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This iOS Voice Translator App Breaks the Language Barrier!

Need help communicating with others in a foreign language? Let the Voice Translator app come to your rescue with an amazing voice-to-voice translation technology that instantly translates your spoken questions, phrases and statements into 33 different languages and speaks the translation for you. Now you can effectively communicate with people from all around the world using this multi-language voice translator app that supports 60+ different languages and dialects. This iOS Universal Productivity app features both Voice and Text translation modes to help you communicate with ease.


The Voice Translator app breaks the language barrier and gives you the flexibility and convenience of communicating in a variety of formats. There are 2 basic formats, which you can switch between in the Settings, that allow you to communicate in either a Voice-to-voice or Text-to-text mode. When in Voice-to-voice mode not only do you get to instantly hear your spoken translation in the supported languages, but you also have the options of sending your spoken message as an email, text message and to replay the voice translation as many times as you need. The Text-to-text mode provides the same great functionality but in a reverse order.

This iPhone and iPad application is very easy to use due to its simplistic user interface. Just choose a country flag to represent your 2 different language choices and set up each flag next to the correct input and output microphone. Then all you have to do is speak or text what you want translated and this language translation app does the rest. Voice Translator has the ability to translate anything you say into another supported language.

The best thing about this app is its real-time voice recognition technology that translates everything in an instant. I tested the voice-to-voice feature out between English and Spanish, since I’m familiar with Spanish, and it works amazingly well. Just remember to speak clearly. There is one other thing to point out here. In order to take advantage of this app’s great translation functionality, you’ll need to have access to an internet connection.

This iOS translation app is, without a doubt, the ideal Travel app for anyone who needs to communicate in a foreign language they don’t speak. If you travel and communicate on an international level, you won’t want to leave home without this handy translator app.

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Voice Translator App Features

– More than 60 languages for translation are supported
– Speak whatever you want and have it translated into another language
– Advanced voice recognition TECHNOLOGY !!
– No TIME limits ! No TEXT limits ! No VOICE limits !
– Use voice or keyboard to translate
– Native voice output technology
– Voice – to – Voice mode, 33 languages and dialects are supported
– REAL-TIME TEXT TRANSLATION for more than 60 popular languages
Voice-to-voice, Voice-to-translated text or Text-to-text only
– Ability to send translations instantly 
via SMS or email.

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