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VoteMe – Become the Next Social President App (Video)

VoteMe let’s you run for public office with the new Free iPhone and Android social networking game. Become the next Social President by gaining the most popular votes through the Facebook social network. Some of you out there have probably had the desire (possibly secret desire) to be the President of the United States at one time or another. However, as you’ve watched politics unfold year after year with politicians promise you the world but, what do they deliver? Typically nothing but more taxes, which is money out of your pocket, programs you’ve never heard and large sides of bacon. Now, is your time to take action by downloading the VoteMe free iPhone app. Start your own social campaign to become the first Social President through votes from the Facebook community. You create your own profile, name your political party, and then hit the Facebook airwaves. You goal, to get supporters and volunteers to help you gain the most points to win the Social Presidency. This iPhone entertainment app is in Beta stage and the developers are going to tweak the functionality based on user experience.

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Everything you do in the app earns you points. Such as uploading photos, sharing information, completing your profile, and entering the campaign will all earn you points. VoteMe does have bio information for current candidates that is updated and fresh, only providing you with the very latest candidates for each party along with bios for each, including President Obama. There are also voting tips to help you with the mundane process of learning how to vote. VoteMe gives you the opportunity to tell the world your ideas and to campaign for the new postion of Social President.

VoteMe FREE iPhone app reviewsVoteMe FREE iPhone app reviews


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