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Wacky Weirdos – The Loonies Are Busting Out Of The Bin!

The loonies are loose in this new iPhone game, Wacky Weirdos Full Throttle. This fast-paced runner game has 2 game modes, as well as a practice mode with plenty of Wacky Weirdo mayhem, as you help these patients make their escape. We all have flashes of “crazy” moments in our lives — at least I will admit to it. I guess that is why this indie runner game was so much fun to play. The funny back story for Wacky Weirdos is as follows: The patients at the Riverwood Mental Institution are fed up with the crappy food and poor health conditions so these loonies are busting out. You play as on of several nutty characters cartwheeling your way through 3 different game modes to get out of dodge while avoiding the doctors with BIG sharp needles and the cops with their billy clubs. The 3 game modes are Stages, Run 4 Score, and Practice (all of which feature the same game, but with a bit of a different spin). Stages features 14 different challenges you must jump, run, and duck through successfully to complete.

iphone video app demosiphone video app demos

The other game modes are very similar, except you will not earn a score in Practice Mode. You will also be able to play as 2 different characters initially. However, there are several that apparently can be unlocked, but you must crack the crazy code on how to do this — my guess, meet some score or level benchmark. Wacky Weirdos Full Throttle is an enjoyable, quick, and easy-to-play game that has a decent challenge to it, a really funny story, and well done cartoon graphics that add to the levity. There is a FREE version, but it appears it has been removed from the iTunes App Store at the time of this post. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Wacky Weirdos iPhone App Details

Title: Wacky Weirdos
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: evilized productions
Store: iTunes App Store

Wacky Weirdos iPhone App Download Link

Wacky Weirdos - Ben Aprigliano

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Wacky Weirdos iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone


Wacky Weirdos “Full Throttle”

Wacky weirdos are about to break out of the Riverwood mental institution. They have had enough of all the bad food and unhealthy living condition inside. So get in shape because you will have to run fast once your outside if you don’t want to get caught…again.

You control a wacky weirdo with two buttons.
-left button will make the weirdo roll .
-right button will make the weirdo jump.
-Press right twice for a double jump.
-Press right then left for falling down.

*Fast paced running action.
*Distance score leaderboard.
*Cartoon Mayhem.
*Wacky Music
*Easy replay button.
*Really challenging.
*Jump/roll/reflex abilities needed.
*addictive gameplay.
*practice mode.
*Funny cartoon graphics.
*Increasing difficulty from easy to wacko.
*Fast action just like Sonic.
*Hidden Weirdos that may appear in the game
*Lot’s of game updates.
*Choose your character.

*Time your jumps right.
*Avoid the crates on the ground and in the air.
(you can walk over them but don’t crash into them)
*Watch out for the police outside.
*Search for multiple routes.
*Other Wacky’s cannot harm you,you can run right through them.
*Try to remember the nasty obstacles.

Do you have what it takes to get some delicious Wacky Burgers

Author/creator: Ben Aprigliano.
Game testing: Daisy Cardinaal
Music by Bad-Atom ( (evilized productions)

What’s new

*New game mode (14 stages) more coming.
*New stage menu.
*New weirdos.
*Updated controls(you can double jump after roll.
*Anti cheat when jumping too fast you will die.
*new secrets.
*free version released.
*New victory sounds in stage mode.
*updated collision detection.

More updates coming.
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