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Wanelo Shopping – iPhone Shopping Entertainment App

The Wanelo Shopping app (by Wanelo Inc.) is a social shopper’s dream come true. This iPhone Lifestyle app looks and works a lot like Pinterest. But the main difference between the two is that Wanelo is all about real shopping and strong social interaction in the process. The Wanelo Shopping app lets you go directly to the url source for the products and brands you want purchase. All these retail products are rated and curated by users. So whether you’re just window shopping or have real money to spend, there’s lots to please the eye in this social shopping app. Wanelo is the place to find everything you “WAnt, NEed, LOve,” and apparently a lot of people think so too.

You’ll find clothing, jewelry, shoes, household products, outside products, tech stuff, and almost everything else you can think of under the sun. Save products, create collections, and wish lists. And don’t forget to share, share, share. The Wanelo Shopping app gives plenty of chances to share and is heavily integrated with Facebook, allowing you to shop, chat and share your actions with all your Facebook friends.



To get access into the Wanelo Shopping app, Lifestyle app, you’ll need to join using your email account or by logging in with your Facebook account. Set up a profile and get to surfing through the good stuff. This Lifestyle app is pretty easy to use. The main navigation consists of: the main Wanelo Shopping selection, My Feed, Alerts, and You. The Wanelo Shopping image grid displays all items for sale in a random order, but is based on popularity of “Saves.” You can search for products by brand, name or type using the Search function. But it’s a long way up from the bottom to get to that function. If you find something you like? Save it in your Profile. Save as Products, Collections and Gifts. The “Things I want as gifts” category is a nice feature to help friends and family with gift giving.

Check out your “My Feed” area to see your shopping history and to Find friends. This keeps you on track of what’s going on. You can also receive Alerts for things like notification when someone is following you. It was kind of nice to receive a friendly message from Deena, the Founder of Wanelo, welcoming you to the Wanelo Shopping community, and warning you also. This online social shopping network encourages you to browse, save favorite items, shop, comment, and follow others, as well as the stores that you may like. You can communicate with others within the app through comments on the products you find interesting. Wanelo gives you every possible option to be social and share your favorited Wanelo items on: Twitter, Facebook, Email, Text SMS, etc. One thing to note, Wanelo is highly integrated with Facebook and according to this app in regards to Facebook, this app “may post on your behalf, including products you commented on, people you followed and more.” If this isn’t something you’re keen on, you can control who sees your app posts by setting your Facebook preferences to either: Public, Friends, or Only Me. Just a warning.

You will find stores and brands you know by typing the store name into the search: Amazon, JCPenney, Forever 21, etc. You can purchase products directly from the url’s provided for each item. But since Wanelo is also a social store curated by users, products can be added with a valid url for the product(s) sold. It appears these can be added into the mix through the “Post” feature. Which sort of brings up my next point.

For testing, I typed in “Tools” thinking this girly app wouldn’t dare bring back a drill nor hammer. It did bring back tools, but not really the home improvement types. Think curling irons, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers and some other questionable items. My problem is that the Wanelo Shopping app has a 12+ Rating in the iTunes App Store, but should really be labeled as 17+. According Apple’s rating guidelines, 17+ fits content that “is not suitable for children under 17.” Having come across some strong language on T-shirts (etc.), drug and sexual content, I’d say 17+ is more appropriate, especially since this app seems to appeal to the younger crowd. That being said, the Wanelo Shopping app does provide a fun, entertaining and social shopping experience that’s worth a look. Best of all it’s Free.

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