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Twitter is currently the super highway of communication with millions of Tweets a day. While not everyone follows large numbers of people, even following a few hundred people can cause your Twitter timeline to be quite active. TwitterStream HD by WhereMark is a very “Zen” like social networking application that takes the stress out of Twitter. This application has a soothing user interface screen that appears to be a pond with moving leaves that travel down the screen (portrait or landscape) each with a Tweet on them. You can click on the leaf containing Tweet to access the Tweet for re-Tweeting, replying, following the provided link and more. The settings for sounds can be adjusted to fit your mood easily in the information tab. TwitterStream HD is an excellent Twitter client for the iPad to provide an alternative intake for Twitter timeline. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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TwitterStream HD iPad App Details

Title: TwitterStream HD
Price: $1.99
Category: Social Networking
Developer: WhereMark
Store: iTunes App Store

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TwitterStream HD - WhereMark

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TwitterStream HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Come calm your Twitter chaos in the peaceful TwitterStream. This beautiful, soothing app lets you relax and watch the tweets float by in a realistic, Zen flow of water. Ahh, isn’t that better already? Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You have a personal or business Twitter account. Maybe you have a personal AND a business account, perhaps more than one of each. The point is that Twitter is a great tool for getting a pulse on your industry and keeping up with Twitter friends but boy do those tweets come flying in fast and furiously! There’s a ton of them, it’s almost a full time job to keep track of tweets.

Now, imagine a different scenario. You’re sitting at your desk working away or playing a game. You glance up at your iPad and admire the beauty and Zen-like peace of a soothing stream. Calming music is playing in the background and in this moment, you haven’t a care in the world.

Feeling very relaxed, you drag your hand languidly through the water then watch your tweets float serenely by on lush, green leaves. All the while, you’re receiving news and updates from your Twitter friends in a way that just feels good. No more overwhelming chaos, just smooth, relaxing messages. Go ahead and push the leaves around or fling them off the screen. Play, read, tweet and enjoy.

If you have TwitterStream HD on your iPad, this will be your Twittering experience from now on. Whether you’re sending or receiving tweets, searching Twitter, retweeting or using the Near-me, you’ll be doing it in an unbelievably beautiful and peaceful way.

You will find TwitterStream irresistible from the moment you open it. The interface is really easy to use and the display is a work of art that you may find hard to stop watching. The water is crystal clear, the stones and plant life very realistic. You’ll be amazed at the effects you generate when you dip your hand in this natural looking stream, too. You’re not just touching a screen, you are interacting with water.

TwitterStream HD is different from anything you’ve seen or used before. It transforms a hectic influx of tweets into a Zen experience you’ll love.

Enjoy the array of unique features offered in TwitterStream HD:
* Beautiful, calming and artistic interface
* Transforms Twitter chaos into Zen calm
* Plays sounds to soothe and relax you
* Realistic physics and water effects
* Total Twitter support lets you fully participate
* Easy on the eyes, ears and nerves
* 30% off for a limited time

Twitter heaven awaits you inside this application. Come, lean back as you calm your nerves and senses while keeping updated and in touch.

Download TwitterStream HD now and turn your iPad into a Zen garden stream.

What’s new

New features, new art, and improvements in performance.

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