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Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE – Hair-Raising Gameplay!

Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE (by Simviu Technology) allows you to experience realistic dogfights in this WWII air combat game, featuring awesome 3D graphics, as well as authentic flying controls, Campaign Missions and extensive P-51 history. This iOS Universal game is fairly intense providing for a super realistic dogfighting battle experience throughout both the Campaign and Mission gameplay modes.

The scenery has a fabulous “photo realistic” effect, and one of the coolest things about this game is the attention to detail that went into every aspect of the game from the scenery, missions, and airplane you are flying — the P-51 Mustang. Each mission has a story, an Ace, and a time stamp that sets the stage placing you into the action and makes you feel as if you were really there. There are 24 extensive missions in this game, but if you want to test the lite game version first, check it out here lite version, which features 5 missions for only $0.99.

Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE iPad Game App ReviewWarbirds P-51 Mustang ACE iPad Game App Review

I found this game very challenging but not to the point that I wanted to chuck my iPad across the room. The first mission has 1 plane to shoot down, the second mission has 4 planes to shoot down, and they begin to shoot back during the second mission making for much more difficult gameplay. While I didn’t battle my way through the 24 complete missions, I will be leaving this well-made game on my iPad for a while, just to see if I can at least get past mission 2 since my curiosity is peaked. I love shooting planes down; there’s something invigorating about shooting a plane down — an enemy plane of course. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE iPad App Details

Title: Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE
Price: $4.99
Size: 63.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Simviu Technology Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store


Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE iPad App Download Link

Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE - Simviu Technology Inc.

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Warbirds P-51 Mustang ACE iPad App Developers Description

Warbirds P-51 Mustang is a 3d WWII air combat game, a flight sim with accelerometer control, photo-realistic scene, and battle missions based on true history.

— F E A T U R E S
* Control your fighter with accelerometer.
* Realistic flying control with full 360 degree of pitch/roll/yaw.
* Battle take place in photo-realistic scene.(Please check the screenshot)
* Universal App, Support iPhone4 Retina(960×640) and iPad HD(1024×768) resolution.
* Accurate 3D model for major aircrafts in missions.
* Dogfight with enemy fighter.
* Intercept large enemy bomber raids.
* 4 different view mode (Clear/Cockpit/External/follow)
* Campaign missions based on true operation history of P-51 Mustang.
(Full version has 24 missions, lite version has 5 missions)
* HTML Documents for P-51 history and specification.
* Full user manual for how to fly, dogfight and bomber interception.
* Game center leader board.
* Competible with Fling, tactile game controller for iPhone/iPad.
( )
— S C R E E N S H O T

— M A N U A L
Not familiar with flight sim or having difficulty to play?
You can learn how to fly, and intercept/dogfight in help manual.
With a little practice you sure can handle it.

— H I S T O R Y
The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was an American long-range single-seat World War II fighter aircraft. It gained the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best, fighters of the war. Mustang pilots claimed 4,950 aircraft shot down, the most of any Allied fighter in the conflict.

— I N F O
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