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Warhammer Quest – Fantastic iOS Dungeon Adventure Game (Video)

Pound your way through dungeon after dungeon in the Warhammer Quest iOS Universal Dungeon Adventure RPG game. The Warhammer Quest iPhone and iPad app features 25+ hours of gameplay, beautiful graphics, and lots of loot to find!

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The Warhammer Quest game originated as a Fantasy Dungeon Role Playing Adventure Game that is now a very nice quality iOS game. You start off with 4 characters: a Warrior, Elf, Dwarf, and Wizard. There are additional characters you can purchase. However, there are only 3 and they cost $2.99, which is a bit expensive for a $4.99 game.

The game itself is quite awesome, and other than heating up my iPad 3rd Gen from playing this game, it was rock solid. But, a very frustrating thing for me was figuring out how to access the player profiles and my inventory. I discovered that you must turn your device from landscape mode to portrait to access your players’ profiles and inventory.


The graphics, gameplay, sounds, quests and items are just plain awesome. Once you reach a village there is a very cool graphic effect as each village opens like a book. There are a wide variety of quests to choose from, enemies you will fight, and truly hours of gameplay.

If you’re into Dungeon Adventure games, the standard Warhammer Quest app purchase is worth the money. Besides the 3 additional characters, you can also purchase an additional game pack if you want more gameplay in this fantastic iOS game.

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